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What have Elvis and John in common? Both were artists, sure, and both are dead, also sure. Upon their death both were cut open and their autopsy revealed that their bloated bodies had about 50 pounds (Elvis) and 70 pounds (John) of impacted fecal matter in their digestive tracts!! This is mind blowing! 70 pounds of toxic food residue (crap) – that is almost half my weight!! Unbelievable!

John and Elvis would have both died with or without so much crap in their digestive tracts, but the point here is that they both had so much crap in their bodies!! Holy smokes! How can that happen?

The average healthy person who is not suffering from constipation will have about 5 pounds of fecal matter in their intestines and colon at any one time. That is the average healthy person, hence the minority, mind you! Many though – the real “average” person if you wish – carry up to 15 pounds, but don’t show the symptom of bloating because the colon will first drop down internally before it starts to expand outwardly when even more toxic waste accumulates.

Obviously, cleaning out the impacted fecal matter in your own body could contribute to a slimming of the abdomen and some significant weight loss. It might also save your life. It will certainly improve the quality of your life.

People who are constipated or irregular can carry up to 40 pounds or more of this toxic fecal matter which is continually poisoning their body and organs, providing an environment conducive to the formation of polyps and colon cancer cells, blocking the passage of waste material, and inhibiting the absorption of nutrients and electrolytes and water.

In plain and simple English: if you don’t get rid of the toxins in your body, you will die prematurely! Period! Cancer, ulcers, liver and kidney problems/failure, and so forth.

In order to avoid a premature collapse of your body these toxins basically would need to exit your system. And no matter how you look at it there are only a few ways to get rid of toxins: elimination would be the obvious one, colonics, enemas, sweating, purging, and of course fasting/cleansing.

Fasting has been a part of our culture for millennia – from ancient cultures such as the aborigines of Australia, Chinese, India and Mayas, to organized religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Baha’i – they all know about the healing powers of eliminating (or at least reducing) food intake for a period of time and thus have incorporated fasting periods into their routine.

Only if you stop putting more food into your system you give your body a chance to get rid of the old crap that is stuck in your intestinal tracts so that it can eventually see the light of day again.
Here is a very simple way to detoxify your body in 48-72 hours:
For 48 hours stop eating food – you can drink as much water as you want – if water alone doesn’t do it for you, because you get dizzy, get a headache, or whatever the case might be, you can mix yourself the Master Cleanser drink as described in my post on March 16, 2010. Ideally you would start your cleanse on a New Moon day – by doing so you are taking advantage of the power of the moon as described in my entry on November 28, 2009 (Lunar cleansing).
48 hours should be sufficient to empty your stomach enough to give it a break. On the second night of your cleanse, drink a “smooth move” tea before going to bed helping you to empty your intestinal tracts the next morning when you get up.

From now on try to keep your stomach “empty” for at least 12 hours per day. Basically every night when we go do bed, we are fasting. If the fast is long enough it helps our body to detoxify in a natural way. Have dinner at 7:00 p.m. at the latest and when you have breakfast the next morning at 7:00 a.m. you will have given your system 12 hours rest – perfect.
If you could also drink a pint of water upon waking up then you win the gold medal. Water is the cheapest, simplest and most effective, easily available detoxifier around!

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In my many years of research of how to tap into the universal energies and trying to consciously connect with this invisible net that connects us all so that I can proactively call into my life experiences, events and people that I want, I have not come across a more powerful tool than appreciation and gratitude.

I would say that being consciously grateful and appreciative for all the things that I currently have are the most effective ways to shift my energies and help (re)-focus my mind on what it is that I truly want.

Life Happens
We all fall regularly off of our horse and back into our old patterns of victimization, helplessness and confusion. And I am the first one to openly admit that I do fall off my horse on a daily basis despite the fact that I know that I am a blessed little soul: am healthy, fairly fit, decent looking, charming smile, a supportive family and wonderful friends, clothes to wear, abundance of food to eat, and so on.

Even though I am consciously aware of all of these things I lose sight of what it is that I want and go astray when faced with a challenge and then everything seemingly collapses: I feel too fat, too stupid, too slow, too “blah, blah, blah”.

Regaining the Horse
Falling off of my horse is one thing, getting back on my horse is a completely different game – and I have certainly trained myself to get back on my little horsey as soon as I become aware that I have fallen off my horse – this is the biggest difference between folks who feel victimized and end up in a corner sucking on their thumb and those who achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve despite the fear they feel.

The past 18 months have been the most challenging of my life, hands down! I lost my multimillion dollar biz, my father passed, my girlfriend and I split, long term side effects of my cancer treatment some 20 years ago cropped up – challenges that truly shook my entire belief system from the foundation up.

How come I am experiencing all these catastrophes and facing all these challenges when I have trained my mind and soul to think and “feel” in a specific way, I kept asking myself countless times these past 18 months? How come that despite the fact that I truly believe that it is us who draw into our lives all the experiences that we experience through our own thoughts, emotions and actions, I am faced with life altering challenges one after the other in a short period of time? Lord, what have I done to deserve this?

Shift of Focus
It is in moments like those, when I have lost sight of what is truly important and what it is that I actually have, that my downward spiral starts and I fall off of my horse. But somehow, deep, deep down, a switch gets flicked when my internal pressure reaches a certain point and my internal guardian angel helps me shift my focus from what it is that I do not want and what it is that creates fear and stress in me to what it is that I actually have at this very moment.

Simply by merely focusing my attention on what it is that I have right now, from the simple and small, such as clothes that I am wearing and the gym that I am a member of, to the big and complex, such as my health, being able to navigate my ship out of the wreckage that the collapse of my company left me with, as well as having the support and love of my family and friends, almost automatically gets me back on my horse again.

Why Does it Work?
Now why is that? How come that when I consciously think of the things that I have, I almost immediately feel better and switch into my pro-activeness mode telling my horsey where to go? Having observed myself and the emotions that rush through my body and mind, when I consciously feel grateful and appreciative of all the things that I currently have, I believe that we have a built-in lever that, once moved from the victim position to the grateful position, brings about a bio-chemical / energetic / spiritual alteration of our molecular set-up which quasi leaves us with no other alternative than to simply feel better and see things more lighthearted than before.

This lighthearted approach in return helps to see clearer and thus we are able to take charge of our ship again. Once we are the navigator again holding our ship’s wheel firmly with both hands we then, also, attract more energies from the universe to support us to reach our final destination.

Take Charge and See the Results
Here is an example: a friend of mine who I worked with for some time a couple of years ago, called me up last September telling me that his division got shut down and as a result he lost his job. He of course was shocked and in disbelief and for a couple of days he felt very depressed and victimized. After a few days though he started to tell himself that losing his job was not a catastrophe but an opportunity – an opportunity to find a job made him more money and where he could achieve more than in his previous job. He didn’t worry about the fact that we were in the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. By shifting his energies from depression and fear to being grateful that he was given a severance package affording him some time to find a new job, knowing that he had a supportive family, and a loving wife to then solely focusing on finding the best job of his life ever, he then started to attract more and more supportive energies from the universe so that within only two weeks he landed his big job.

He now works for a Fortune 500 company – the same company that for several years in a row dismissed his applications, each time giving him a different reason why he was not a fit. This time though, now that he had more work experience and had matured as a manager and thus knew of the value that he brought to the table, the company accepted his application and offered him a decent job. Something that people would say seems like an impossible thing to happen: finding a job during the height of the recession at the very same company that has turned him down several times in the past years.
Simply incredible!

My friends, to be blunt and to put it simply: life indeed is a mere mind game, period! When you master the mind you master the results, period! And a major step toward being able to master this game is to be grateful and appreciative. Check out my “Thank You Walk Video” – this is something I do several times a week and it never fails to get back on my horse.

Good luck with the exercise and have fun exploring the endless possibilities that life offers you once you have learned how to crack the code.

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