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I LOVE my birthdays. I LOVE my birthday month. It gives me 31 days to focus on myself and seek out experiences I might not necessarily go after in other months. Plus I LOVE the countdown part of having 31 days to anticipate my birthday. March is the most exciting month for me. My energies are different. As soon as February 28th (29th) comes I get into birthday mode. I start visualizing what I will be doing on a daily basis for the next 31 days and how I will treat myself on the 31st. I give myself more “me time” by meditating more, working out more, going for walks by myself, writing in my journal…I am doing all these activities consciously and really staying in the moment appreciating every minute of everything that I am doing…it really gives me a kick to do something and be conscious of it at the same time, it feels like having a twin observing me and by doing so doubling my fun. My birthday is MY day. I am important. I am the main act. It is all about me and I do not have to feel guilty liking it. In my birthday month I have more confidence, I feel zestier, cooler and more daring because I am more in tune with the universe. My frequencies are perfect sinusoids and in perfect harmony with universal frequencies. By me being more in tune with the world, more good things happen to me – I meet interesting people, have wonderful encounters with strangers, I get more clients who want to work with me, I have more insights and epiphanies, and I simply have more fun and enjoy life more than usual and do not worry about things such as: what people might think about me, how something is being perceived by others, whether I will get enough sleep if I continued to stay out, and so forth.

Consciously creating an event that you can look forward to and can count down toward and anticipate has a thrilling effect on you and people around you. I encourage you to do the same – especially those lame farts among you who do not celebrate birthdays – embrace it, no matter how many candles will be put on your cake. Create excitement around it and you will be exciting other people and this excitement will flow into all aspects of your life: better/naughtier sex, more laughter in your day, and more heartwarming encounters. Go on, give it a try, you will be surprised about the outcome!

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