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We all face challenges and problems on a daily basis – small ones and not so small ones; from work related issues with our colleagues and clients and our superiors to family stuff: our spouses, kids and relatives. There seems to be a never ending “supply” of hurdles that we are being exposed to. So obviously life cannot be about avoiding hurdles altogether but rather how to overcome them in as fast and as effective a way as possible.

What is it that we usually do when faced with a challenge? We put all of our energies into it. The bigger the challenge the more we invest. We of course have the best of intentions as we want to resolve the issue as fast as possible and go about our life. But in many, many cases all we achieve is feeling stuck and overwhelmed as the more energies we put into the situation the bigger it seemingly gets. We might end up so frustrated and helpless that we won’t be able to see the forest for the trees anymore.

There is a way out. Shift your energies. Shift your focus. Help your mind so that it can help you. Withdraw completely (or at least as best as you can) from the problem at hand. Leave it behind and focus on something completely different. What I do, is go on a walk.

Every day I go on a power walk. When I say power walk, I truly mean a power walk! No “window shopping” or leisurely stroll through my neighborhood – wherever that might me, given how much I travel. Once I start my walk I am on a focused and determined journey. I get my heart rate up and get my sweat glands going. It is exercise. I engage all of my body. My legs of course and my arms. I breathe in and out consciously. Why am I doing so you might ask? I want to break myself free from the paradigm that I was in when focused on my work and problem.

Pulling myself away from the task gives my mind a break and my own tension levels go down. Because I start relaxing when on a walk, I untie all the bound energies from before. My mind feels free. With this new set-up my mind starts to shift its focus on the solution and while I am walking I am connecting with the universe seeking a result. It is amazing to observe how our mind works and how it can subconsciously tap into the cosmic energies and create solutions. Usually, by the time I am finished with my walk, I have a solution or at least a part solution to my problem.

Even if I am not faced with a hurdle, I go on my daily walks. It is a routine I do not want to miss. It is my way to show my mind and my soul how grateful I am for everything that I have and experience and that I appreciate life, myself and the solutions that I can come up with if and when needed.

Try this out and you will be amazed about the results. Let me know how this is working out for you!

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Life is beautiful – and it is beautiful because I make it beautiful. We all have it in our hands to make our own life as well as the lives of our family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances as well as our fellow humans beautiful or turn them into a living hell. Turning 40, for the first time, made me consciously aware of my mortality. Never before have I thought about death on such a fundamental and deep level and never before have I felt in every fiber of my being the inexorable march toward my physical end. And I must admit that for the first time in my life I could feel the icy grip of panic around my throat. When I say for the first time, I truly mean for the first time. When I wrestled with cancer in my late teenage years I of course did think of death and dying several times, but I never really believed that my journey on this planet would be coming to an end any time soon. And when I had my car accident some ten years ago, I, practically a second after the crash, knew that I would not only survive but fully recover from this accident – and the thought of my mortality never even crossed my mind. When my father passed less than two years ago, my heart and my soul dived into a deep sea of sorrow where they remained for many months to come. Even though I grieved about the loss of my own father and naturally also thought about death in general and my own eventual funeral I never ever felt the icy grip of death on a fundamental level as I have been these past few weeks. Finally, when the multi-million dollar business that I built up from scratch collapsed without me being able to do anything to avoid its “death”, I was stricken by stress, depression, and fear for my future, but I again, never wasted a second on how much time I still might have left on planet earth. But now, alas, turning 40, the impact and the knowledge of my own mortality finally hit me like a sledgehammer. Now I KNOW that my time here is limited. This knowledge has made me think a lot about what it is that I do and how I spend my time and what it is that I would like to see happen. I am finding myself scrutinizing more and more everything that I am doing as I would want to make sure that what I am doing is serving a higher purpose and is getting me closer to my ultimate goals in each and every aspect of my life. To be in the KNOW has helped me to get even more clarity about where I would want my journey to go. Bundling your energies and focusing on what is truly important and not worrying about anything else will ultimately create a most fulfilled, balanced, happy, and healthy life. 

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