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On my last trip I came across another “Kate and William” fairy tale that I simply had to share with you.

I had the honor of traveling with Bob and Marj through Switzerland. Bob is 94 years old and Marj is 82. They have been married for four years, yes, you read correctly, just for four years. Bob is from California and Marj is from New Jersey. They met on a trip through Australia and New Zealand four and a half years ago.

They clicked immediately at the beginning of the tour and spent the rest of the trip glued to one another. After the trip, Marj flew to Bob and spent a couple of weeks with him. And then Bob came to New Jersey to visit Marj. When Marj flew to the West Coast to visit Bob again, they started to talk about the constant back and forth, so Bob suggested to simply drive to Las Vegas and get married. Marj thought it was a joke but went along. Only once standing before a justice of the peace she realized that Bob really meant it and so they got married; in Las Vegas, four months after meeting for the first time on a trip through New Zealand and Australia.

If this were not remarkable enough, I want to point out that Bob was 89 and Marj was 77 when they met halfway across the globe. To travel such long distances at such an age would sound incredulous if not crazy and impossible for most people (at that age). To get married at their age and only after knowing one another for four months might also be considered a ‘little outside the box’.

And I haven’t even started to share Bob’s and Marj’s life story, which both were very open to share with me. Bob was married for sixty-two years and Marj for forty-five in their first marriage. Bob’s wife got very sick during her final years, so Bob stayed home for two years to tend to her. He barely left his house during these two years and even had their food delivered to his house. He was there for his wife until she died. He was eighty-five when his wife died and it took him a couple of years to overcome this shock, but then he started to go amongst people again and eventually started to travel as well.

Marj’s husband was taken from her in an accident; she was seventy-five when her husband died. While Bob has a very outgoing personality, Marj is a little more reserved, but not much, I should say – quiet waters run deep as they say. Bob was an engineer who ended up starting a few companies in his lifetime which made him financially independent. Marj was a teacher her entire life. She reluctantly retired at sixty-five only because she voluntarily wanted to give a younger teacher a chance to teach.

Since Bob and Marj got married they have traveled internationally at least four times per year. They have seen seventy-two countries since they got married. And my trip with them was their second this year, but also their second to last major trip. They have one more trip planned later on in the year and then they will call it quits. They say it has become too cumbersome to travel long-distance. You should have seen them on our train trip through the Swiss Alps: always on time, they partook in all excursions, even took the gondola all the way up the Matterhorn, always smiling, always holding hands – it was so delightful and heartwarming to travel with them as well as very inspiring.

To celebrate their journey together we presented them with a gift and asked them to share their story with us. Bob immediately got up and delivered an ad-hoc fifteen minute long speech about how they met and what they have done together since they got married. And at the end he said: believe in the magic of life, there is always hope, there is always an opportunity around the corner, there is always a surprise waiting for you, as long as you believe in magic, it will happen, no matter who you are, where you are and how old you are.

I am sharing this real life story with you to inspire you to believe in the magic of life and the power that your own mind has in creating a wonderful and fulfilled life for you – create it, will it, believe it, and you will experience it…

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In October of 1997, for a mere five minutes, I was able to look deeply into the soul of our universe and realize the interconnectedness of all life. I learned that everything in life is energy and thus everything that is happening to us is because of our own inner thoughts, emotions and belief system. I utilized this knowledge throughout the years in my own professional career and personal life helping me overcome some major challenges while remaining grounded, balanced, and in control of my life.
Over the years I shared my philosophies with more and more people and gradually developed methods where I could help people break down old paradigms and create new realities within a short period of time: improving their health, relationships, and careers, so that they can lead more fulfilled lives.
The aim of my work is to help you look at life from an entirely different angle and realize that you can completely change your life through changing your own thoughts, emotions and paradigms – always! Gradually you will awaken your self-healing powers and learn how to tap into the all encompassing cosmic energies to proactively create the life you always wanted. Slowly your haphazard and fear driven modus operandi will be replaced by a conscious and love driven paradigm.

You do not need any “superpowers” or supernatural and extraordinary experiences to achieve healing in your life. All you need is to clearly find out what it is that you really want – this might be the hardest part of your entire journey – and create an aim and a precisely defined goal so that you then can utilize the universal energies to get you to your destination.

The first step is to accept that there are no “victims” in life – never! Wrapping your head around this rather sober statement will be a challenge, I know so. But once you have learned to truly embrace the fact that whatever happens to you in your life is because of you and no one else, you will shed the notion of being a Bouncy Ball and a mere pawn in the hands of fate but will embrace the fact that indeed you can learn how to become the skipper of our destiny and how to Ride your Horse!

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