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Given the success of my last blog entry: "Moneyball or the Power of Focusing on what You have Power over!" and all the feedback I have received, I thought I would write a follow-up blog entry giving you a step-by-step guide on how you can create your own "Moneyball success story".

My philosophies and teachings are pretty straight forward and easy – and because they are so simple, I keep saying "it's easy but not simple; and simple but not easy". Why am I using this mantra? Well it seems that people fall off the wagon because they simply cannot believe how simple the process is – so they try to either overcomplicate things by adding steps to or altering the process or simply not getting or believing in it. And then they wonder why it doesn't work. Those who do understand the process and have faith reap tremendous results.

Allow me to outline the process in as clear and straight forward manner as I possibly can to you:

1) Step one: Identify the precise problem – what is the actual challenge, what is the issue at hand? (Believe me, in 99% of the time money, or the lack of it, is not the issue!)

2) Step two: What would be a perfect solution for the problem? Create a solution in your mind. Visualize an ideal picture of how you would want things to be.

3) Step three: Work consistently at it. You have got take steps that take you to your ideal place. Your actions must be congruent with your vision.

4) Step four: Believe that it will happen – you must have unwavering faith that results will show up when the time is ready!


For the above steps to work, two statements have to accepted as fundamental laws of the universe:

1) Everything is energy – literally. From bricks to computers, rivers and airplanes to thoughts, emotions, speech, and planet earth. Since everything is energy then that means that everything is oscillating at at specific frequency. Thus, to change something, anything, one only has to change the frequency of bring about almost instantaneous change.

2) We are all connected. Actually, everything and everyone are connected through an invisible net of energy: from humans to nature and the animal kingdom to the universe at large. Precisely because of this connection we have an impact on everyone and everything else and thus can alter the course of our fate.


Good luck with creating the best life for yourself ever!


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I just watched the movie Moneyball while visiting Sydney. When I saw that a movie about Billy Beane had come out, I simply had to go and watch it. Not because Brad Pitt plays the lead role or because I am a baseball fan – mind you, after so many years in the US, I still do not understand the rules completely – but because I heard about Billy Beane's achievements. Apparently he was able to convert a bottom of the barrel team into one with the most consecutive wins in baseball's history. Quite a remarkable achievement. I know that there is a lot of controversy about whether he really is a genius or even a successful GM or not but I will not get into any of this as this blog entry is not about baseball or sport per se, but rather about shifting of one's paradigm and focusing on what you have control over as opposed to worrying about things that you have no control over – in his case, the bigger budgets and better players of other teams in the franchise.

Since in my life it is all about the Power of our own Thoughts and how we can Change the set of Paradigms we are in, Beane's achievements quite naturally were rather intriguing to me so I wanted to learn more about him. Beane is the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, a baseball team operating without the mega budgets of the big name teams in the league – his team’s budget in 2002 was less than $40 million per year compared to say $140 million of the NY Yankees. With no money to buy championship talent Beane realized he has to look for a different way of doing things. His challenge was how to put together a team that was able to compete with the best of them while staying within the constraints of his low budget.

He had no clue as to how to go about this but he knew what the challenge was and that he had to do things fundamentally differently to how they had operated before.

Dismissing all of his team’s management efforts and suggestions to simply continue with the way they knew best – the old way – he eventually – (I do not believe in luck only in the power of creation!!) – stumbled across Peter Brand, a young economics graduate working in the back office of a big name competing team in the franchise who was convinced that certain sidelined players had a hidden value. It is this hidden value that Beane and Brand went to use to build a winning team.

They shifted the focus of the game from pitching and batting to whether a player was simply able to get to first base, period. This philosophy is called sabermetrics. Without getting too much into detail, this system is able to identify players that get the job done, i.e. make it to base one, irrespective of their other qualities or inadequacies.

He had the vision that this system could beat the big boys, persistently pursued his goal and had the belief that he would get there. I am sure this was not an easy task at all for him – persuading the management and his team to follow his vision and to buy into a model that no one else had tried out before must have been very draining on him. His system didn't work out right away either. Constant changes and some fine tuning throughout the season gradually helped create the team that beat the record for most consecutive wins in the game's history.

Billy is a prime example that even when you are really down and your livelihood and reputation and future are at stake that you can come out as a winner by simply focusing on areas that you have control over. And if you do not know what it is that you have control over then ask yourself over and over again until you do.

Given what we can learn from Billy I would highly recommend everyone to watch the movie – you might find inspiration in it.

Basically, when it comes down to it, I did the exact same thing when I hit rock bottom two years ago – what are my skill sets and what is it that I know? By changing the frequencies that I was vibrating at the mind frame I was in and focusing on a future that I desire I was able to create the lifestyle I am enjoying today. If I can do it, I am sure you can, too.

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Money – the constant struggle, battle and challenge in life! We never seem to have enough of it. And if we are in the lucky position that the amount of money that we have is not the challenge then for many it is the fact that earning it comes at a price – more than we are willing to pay for it: we feel exhausted, stressed and burned out.

Believe me, I know what it means to own a lot and lose it all. I was born into a wealthy family and as a child I was used to getting almost anything that I wanted. I grew up in an environment knowing that I was 'privileged' (without having a clue what the word actually means). Even though I was very young, I knew that I was treated differently than other people. At the tender age of eight a revolution swept through Iran and we had to flee the country and leave everything behind – everything. All of a sudden, I was not the privileged kid anymore, but the 'immigrant' in class who didn't speak the language too well. From then onwards it was not dad who provided for us but mom – it were rather confusing times I am telling you, my world not only had collapsed but was also turned upside down.

As a teenager I started to earn my own money and this is when I realized that money came to me rather easily. I don't mean that I did not have to work for my money – quite the contrary, I even had to work very hard for it at times – but I could clearly see that I landed summer and part time jobs that paid a ton more than those my peers were landing – which of course put a big smile on my face.

Long before I realized that everything in life is merely energy, created through the frequencies that we exude, it hit me that making money had little to do with who you were and whether you had a degree or not but rather how you 'felt' about money. When I had money in my wallet I felt, amongst many other things, 'cooler', 'bigger', 'older', and more self confident. With the influx of all these emotions life became more delightful – for example it was almost effortless to chat up girls, and otherwise not so enjoyable aspects of my life, such as exams and school, were easier to deal with. And as an added bonus, I would attract even more money: grandma would slip me a bill, I would find money on the sidewalk or an opportunity would present itself where I could earn extra cash without having to kill myself for it.

This simple but very powerful equation – money in my pocket means a better, smoother life – burnt itself into my mind and stayed with me throughout my entire life in good times as well as in hard and challenging ones. A few years ago when I was faced with my company's collapse, I remembered those carefree times in my teenage years and started to reprogram myself from the ground up about how I felt about and perceived money. Even though my self esteem had hit rock bottom and my stress levels sky high, I knew I had it in my power to ultimately change my life's trajectory. Remembering how I felt as a kid when I had a (large) bill in my wallet I put a couple of $100 bills in my wallet and went on walks. I would go on a shopping spree and everything that I saw and liked I would pretend to buy making myself believe that I could afford it. I would often say thank you that I can afford this or that and that money was coming easily to me. This exercise helped me to change how I felt about money and helped me shift my paradigm from victim in life to money is coming easily and in abundance to me. Admittedly, the exercise did not prevent me from having to file personal bankruptcy a couple of years ago but it helped me to get to where I am today: in 2011 I have made more money than ever before and it is still coming in in droves. Don't get me wrong, I have to work hard for it, but it practically comes to me on a silver platter, all I have to do is to "service it", i.e. guide my groups through Europe, coach my students or manage the business I am a partner in. And I am doing so with a big smile on my face – despite all the stresses that I am exposed to due to my rather busy (work) schedule – as I simply know that money lies out there waiting for me to be picked up. And with this mindset I end up earning my money easier and easier and with more joy than ever before.

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