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What we believe in and what we focus on ultimately creates our reality. This blog is all about how to utilize the most powerful computer ever built – our mind – so that we can live the most proactively and consciously created life ever!

To show you how rather easy it is to train your mind to seek out whatever it is that you would want in life: be it a (better) job, a (more fulfilling) relationship or a healthy body, all you really have to focus on are exactly those things: a (better) job, a (more fulfilling) relationship, or a healthy body. You might say, this is crazy – by simply focusing on these things one simply cannot achieve any of this. And still I say it is possible – and I will give you an example that will prove my point. This exercise works great in my one on one private coachings because I have the element of surprise on my side, but I will do my best to achieve the same here:

Important: If you would like to do this exercise, then only read up until point 5! Do the exercise and then continue.

1. Go to the kitchen and have pen and paper as well as a timer ready.

2. Put the paper on a hard surface, such as a book or clipboard, so that you can walk around with it and write something on it.

3. Go to your living room. 

4. You have 120 seconds (2 minutes) – start the timer now – and write down everything that has any shade of blue in it. Anything blue counts.

5. Return to the kitchen and take a tally and count how many items with the color blue in them you were able to identify in the past 2 minutes. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

Our mind is like a giant computer that we can program as we see fit. If our programming is right, our mind will only focus on the things that we tell it to focus on, such as on the color blue. When you look at the list with all things blue that you just compiled you can see for yourself how focused and how target-oriented your brain can be.

If you thought that this was the exercise then all I can say is – you should know me better ;)

And now onto the next step of the exercise:

1. Stay focused on the piece of paper with all things blue.

2. Start the timer. You have 120 seconds again.

3.Without peeking into your living room write down anything that has the color yellow in it. Anything yellow would count. You must do so from memory.

4. How many items do you remember? Any at all?

5. Compare the number of blue items with the number of yellow items on your list. Pretty eye-opening isn't it?!

Conclusion: if you tell your mind to focus on something specific, then it will focus on exactly that and nothing else! Even though your eyes might most likely have seen things with the color yellow in them, you simply do not remember them, because they never entered your conscious realm. Your mind was not programmed to do so and thus discarded them as useless. Now imagine you were to focus on opportunities galore and that life was full of wonderful experiences and that people can be trusted and that money comes easily and were able to program your mind to only see these – imagine what a life you would be creating for yourself.

Every day, upon waking up, program your mind anew so that it will only focus on and filter through opportunities, sunshine, easy flow of money, deep and meaningful relationships, healthy body, etc., etc., etc.

May your life be consciously and proactively created and filled with eternal sunshine.

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As I received so many great comments about my last video post, I thought I would take the opportunity to follow up with a blog entry and dig a little deeper into the matter.

The movie per se was incredible but specifically from a counselor's perspective I think it was simply mind-blowing: Geoffry Rush was my hero, period. Why?! Because he had so much strength and patience. He was a gentle but determined coach and practiced tough, classy love and never lost sight of his ability to be an inspiring counselor even when his client was the future King of England and he only an immigrant from Australia.

In today's blog entry I would like to show you how a seemingly incurable physical challenge – in this case a stutter – can be overcome by shattering our belief system buried deep in our mind and through the loving and caring guidance of a gifted healer. The whole movie boils down to one scene, pretty early on when Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush tells the Prince of Wales, played by Colin Firth, that he indeed can speak without stutter. First he makes him sing a text where the future king realizes he can do so without stuttering. As the Prince remains a doubting Thomas, Logue plays out his trump card, a new recording device that has just arrived from America. He puts a headset over Firth's ears and while he has him listen to very loud music he makes him read a text which he records. This is the quintessential part of the movie for me: with this new recording device he was able to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt to the Prince and us, the audience, that indeed a stutter free speech is possible as long as the unknown and gigantic beast called mind can be reigned in. In this case the connection between ears, i.e. hearing oneself speak, and the brain. By cutting that connection, the Prince's belief system was cut. Since he couldn't hear himself anymore, his ears could not verify his belief system – that he had a stutter – that he had been carrying with him his entire life. All of a sudden his mind was free to simply "live" and breathe again without being hammered down by the Prince's paradigm. The future King would have never believed Logue that he spoke without any stutter in his voice had there not been his recorded voice as an unshakable evidence of his capability of free and normal speech.

What a revelation this scene was – not only to the Prince, but also to me. This scene again showed me the incredible and apparently limitless power of our mind to either hold us down or to propel us into glory. If we only learned how to dance with our mind and tell it where to go, the sky would be the limit. The first step toward that journey would be though to take utter and full responsibility for everything that "happens to us" because ultimately the source is deep within our mind. If I take responsibility and acknowledge that I am 100% interwoven with whatever situation I find myself in, because it was created in my mind and through my own thoughts first, then I have the power to undo things and recreate any situation I would rather want to experience. Sometimes we might be able to do so on our own and sometimes we might need the guidance of healers to get there, be it through the help of allopathic medicine, therapists, counselors, coaches or healers.

Either way. take charge of your fate and you will be enjoying a fulfilling because proactively self-created life. I wish you good luck with your endeavors and am cheering you on from the sidelines.

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