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When I got my PhD, and that was 12 years ago, my family gave me a set of Mont Blanc pens. I have been using them since – at least one of them gets to travel with me, no matter where I go. I use them to scribble down notes, play Sudoko or do my accounting; basically from the profane to the profound – I do not believe we should only use the 'good and expensive' stuff for special occasions.

At any rate, just a few days ago I was in Prague with a group. As it is a large group, I was running up and down between the rooms and the reception area quite often, not to mention all the running around we did in the city. When we got home the second day, I had to realize that I had lost my Mont Blanc pen – it was not in its usual place, my left front pocket. As you can imagine I went though all of my stuff, thinking, or rather hoping, I had placed it somewhere else, or had it dropped under the bed. Neither was the case. The pen was gone. Shit! Of course I got angry at myself and thought what an idiot I was losing my pen.

But then I remembered a technique I had learned many years ago: asking my subconsciousness for help. And this is how I did it:
At night, before going to bed, I centered myself by taking 10 deep belly breaths with my eyes closed. Once totally relaxed I thanked my mind in advance for helping me remember consciously where I had left my pen. I told myself that upon waking up I will know where I had dropped my pen. The next morning, the day of my departure to another city and basically last chance to find my pen, if indeed I had lost it in Prague, I woke up and thanked myself for helping me remember where my pen was. Nothing happened for a while. Though while I was under the shower, focusing on washing my hair, all of a sudden, a thought went through my mind giving me a clue where my pen might be. I remembered that I was sitting on a couch in the lobby of my hotel the afternoon before while working on my laptop. Because the couch was so comfortable, I sled down the cushion and had put my legs on the table while balancing my laptop on my lap. My hope was that my pen had slid out of my pocket while sitting there. I finished up getting dressed and rushed down to the lobby, hoping that my pen would be there and that no one had taken it.

Incredible but true, my pen was there, stuck deep between the cushions, waiting for me to find it again. Wow! A big smile appeared on my face. I immediately said 'Thank You'  – when I show appreciation I know it creates more reasons to be appreciative – picked up my pen and walked back to my room.

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