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I received so much feedback on my THREE FINGER TECHNIQUE video that I thought I would write some additional info about this. Hopefully I have been able to "prove" to you that our mind is a gigantic computer – far more powerful than we can comprehend – and as such we can program it to hone in on and create any end result we desire.

A fast and easy way to learn about the powers of energy and that we are all (energetically and invisibly) somehow connected is by utilizing the 'three finger technique'. A perfect opportunity for this technique would be to use it to find a parking spot. Tell yourself that when you put your thumb,  index and middle fingers of your left hand together you will find a parking space within five minutes of doing so. This technique works like magic. Somehow through this conditioning we pull together the energies that connect all of us so that when the time is ready – thus we need a parking space – one will magically appear.

This technique can be used in many situations helping you to achieve your goal faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

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