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I recently bought an iPhone – finally some would say ; )) – and now that I have an iPhone I also started to play games on it. One of the games that I have been playing over the past several weeks is 'Jetpack' and for a while, I must admit, I was quasi addicted to it ;))

While maneuvering my way to higher and tougher levels and being given more and bigger challenges – all of which I of course gradually have been able to overcome – I realized something about myself and life per se which I thought to be important enough to share with you in this blog.

When playing 'Jetpack' you always work on three 'missions' – which you can choose to tackle separately and step by step or, if possible, tackle all of them at the same time. The higher I got in the game and the better I got, the more I thought I could tackle all the missions at the same time aiming to complete the missions in one run. This is when I started to fail already early in the game and had to commence a new run which naturally annoyed the hell out of me as starting a new run means to play at a slower pace facing less exciting challenges and thus having a quite boring experience for a while. The fact that I failed to reach higher levels faster and with greater ease was not only a frustrating experience but it also made me stop playing for a little and step back from the game to think about the whole situation for a minute or two. This is when I realized that trying to "juggle all the balls" simultaneously creates too much "noise" and distraction for me so I started to pick one of the three missions as my main mission for the run and try to work toward accomplishing a second mission if and when possible and leave the third mission on the sidelines unless by chance an opportunity popped up to work on it. And lo and behold my success rate went through the roof – I was able to finish each mission faster and more missions in less time. So far so good. Though the "problem" that I am facing now is that because of my new strategy I have now completed all levels and completed all missions – nothing else left to do for me…sigh…which means I can either start from the very beginning again or simply move on the another game.

In hindsight this game proved to be a perfect mirror for me – reflecting real life in a fairly simple computer game: 1) have a vision and a goal (know what it is that you want – in this case: finishing all the levels and missions in as fast a way as possible) 2) pick one thing you would want to see accomplished (in this case: completing a single mission as fast as possible) 3) if need be, step back and re-evaluate that strategy you are following and if necessary adjust.

These steps can easily be incorporated into our daily lives: at work, at home, little projects that we have going on – business wise or personal, etc. Give this approach a try and you will see great results in a short period of time.

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