Many folks suffer from lack of money. Most of the think that they are simply not making enough of it. Although in my experience I have realized that many of us could overcome their lack of cash by simply managing their current money better by e.g. simply spending less. Many of us are so hooked on consumerism and the need for constant spending that we sometimes do not realize how much money we are senselessly wasting. You can get a pretty fast grip on your cash flow by simply monitoring how much money you are spending and for what by keeping a log. Put together a simple sheet and record every dime you spend for one month – it is important that you are brutally honest with yourself and truly record all expenses, even the very small ones, such as buying a newspaper, a quick snack here and there, going to the movies, etc. After this month you know pretty much very well where your money is going. With this knowledge you can then sit down and determine whether for example you really need all the cable TV channels and all the magazines that you are subscribing to. Do you need to buy a new pair of shoes every month? First start eliminating all the expenses that are senseless but most likely on autopay. Then determine whether, i.e. you must shop at Whole Foods or whether the much more cost effective Trader Joe's would also do? With just a little tweaking you can achieve a hell of a lot of impact on your current money situation.

Parallel to this you can put a $20 bill in your wallet and then whenever you would like to buy something that would cost $20 or less tell yourself that you can indeed afford this but you choose not to do so. Do this exercise for one week. Then put a $50 bill your wallet and repeat the exercise. After one week put a $100 bill in your wallet and do this again. You will be amazed about the impact this little trick has on your awareness of money and what you can afford. Soon enough your mindset will shift from "I cannot afford this" and "I don't have money for that" to "I actually can afford this and that". Where there is money, more money will come – there is a reason for this old saying. Observer the changes in your life and leave comments here and report back to me – I am eagerly awaiting your feedback.

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