Q’s life, from the beginning, has been extraordinary.

He grew up in the Middle East with an Austrian Catholic mother and a Persian Bahá’í father. With green eyes and blond hair, he was far from likely to blend in with the crowd.

Halfway through his childhood, Q and his family were forced to flee their home because of a revolution. They escaped with only the clothes on their backs and quickly shifted from a lavish lifestyle in Iran to modest means in Vienna.

Soon after, as a mere teenager, Q was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer and spent years in and out of hospitals. In the end, he was the sole survivor of his hospital ward. He would forever wonder what had saved him while others were not as fortunate.

Bent on making the most of life, Q went on to pursue a degree in engineering and a PhD in international law. He was well on his way to a successful business career when a dreadful auto accident stopped him in his tracks.

That moment changed everything. Q saw five angels and knew he would survive.

Though always attuned to the more sensitive aspects of life, Q soon realized his ability to recognize healing energies. He knew his life was guided by more than simply logic and suddenly became aware of the life force behind each individual’s existence.

Q searched within himself for answers and recalled an afternoon at a crowded Vienna metro stop, years before the accident. On that day, he had been shocked to see tangible traces of energy swirling around strangers on the platform. The defining moment of his accident, combined with the knowledge that his abilities could manifest themselves in everyday living, propelled him to relentlessly pursue the study of the human condition.

Q soon became trained in the administration of multiple psychotherapies, including the Hoffman Process, the Silva Method, Reiki, and applied kinesiology. He practiced avid meditation and tackled the nuances of Neuro-linguistic programming.

Drawing from both cutting-edge science and ancient teachings, Q developed a deep understanding of how your mind and body affect your ability to manifest your core desires.

Q is now a much respected, life-transforming mentor with a virtually unmatched combination of life-experiences and scholarly study. He has received accolades from past clients looking to improve health issues, financial concerns and personal relationships.

Q’s clients have marveled at his smart, detail-oriented approach to mentorship, one which he administers with the utmost integrity. It has become Q’s life passion to continue guiding others toward permanent realization of how to control their lives and achieve their brightest potential.

Along with assisting the needs of countless individuals as they strive for mastering their lives, Q has built a successful travel company that was named one of the fastest growing U.S. businesses of 2007 by Entrepreneur Magazine.  He also facilitates the organization of one-of-a-kind wellness retreats for health care professionals.

"I have the tools to face life with greater confidence."

Jane S
Accounting Executive
Fairfax, VA

"I feel in control of my food choices and my life!"

Karin G
Mortgage Broker
Fairfax, VA

"I truly believe Q has a God given gift."

Doreen Iacona
Health Counselor
Brooklyn, NY