Betty Dodson’s work on sexual healing

The more open one can talk about ones desires and the more sexuality is perceived as a natural part of life, the more we can lead a complete and fulfilled life. I think that sexuality is a God given gift. Possibly the biggest gift we have been given to enjoy our physicality. Even though we are cosmic energy radiating at a specific frequency we are on earth to create and experience our humanness. From overcoming health problems to starting a family, falling in love, losing a job, to making friends.

Even though our sexuality is our biggest gift, we seem to be struggling with it more often than not. So part of my healing work is to pierce the veil of shame and guilt and uneasiness with our sexuality, from emotions we feel, desires we have, to physical inadequacies we believe to have.

A woman who has done a wonderful job in helping people, especially women, in embracing their sexuality and leading a sexually fulfilled life is Betty Dodson. Her website and blog are a wonderful encyclopedia providing tools and help in a variety of ways to become one with our sexuality. You can learn more about her at

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