Don’t Be A Bouncy Ball, Ride Your Horse!

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Through an incredible incident many years ago (a metro ride, as crazy as it might sound!), I became aware of two simple universal facts:

  1. everything is energy, and
  2. everything is connected

And by everything, I literally mean everything: humans, animals, weather, thoughts, planets, telephone lines, etc. – all of these are oscillating at a certain wavelength giving them the shape and form they are in. Certain things we can clearly see and for all intents and purposes clearly understand, for example: planets, weather, humans or water. Some other realities are not as clear, such as thoughts, emotions, “miraculous healings”, why some people seemingly have it all while others are struggling 24/7, and so on.

The Connection

Obviously this mind blowing experience had a life altering impact on me. As all of a sudden I simply knew that nothing, absolutely nothing!, is happening to us by accident. Hence, from an energetic point of view, there are no victims and there are no perpetrators, period! Without me in the equation of whatever is happening to me at each and every moment of my life, it wouldn’t be happening (at least in this particular way), as I wouldn’t be in it.

Now, in the beginning, and believe me, it took me years to digest this wisdom, you might feel dumbstruck by this and you might be inclined to ask, how on earth I could claim that the raped and the rapist play equal parts of the same equation while clearly one got hurt and the other committed a crime?!

The Energy

Again, I am talking about energies and how everything is interlinked, much, much more so than we might be able to imagine in our wildest dreams. And I am saying this even though I wasn’t spared major pain and loss and victimization in my own life either: due to a revolution when I was a child we lost everything and went from rich and influential to “nobodies” in a matter of months, as a teenager I contracted cancer, ending up in and out of hospitals for several years, several years ago somebody drove head on into my car and sent me straight into hospital, and just last year I lost my multi-million dollar business due to the collapse of the economy and the international devaluation of the dollar.

In all of these cases I was the “victim”, I got “raped”, and hurt, and thrown off track on a major scale. Still I say that I did it! I, through my own thoughts, emotions and belief system, attracted everything that happened to me. I full-heartedly embrace the fact that I was in all the equations (in all cases voluntarily, mind you!) and without me being in them, none of it would have happened.

Knowing what I know has given me an incredibly powerful tool. If I did this to myself: car accident, cancer, my company’s collapse, well, then I most certainly should be able to “undo” things as well…

The Reveal

In my book I am giving a full account of my incredible metro ride and all the challenges that I had to overcome, establishing that I am no “Tiger Woods” (well, the Tiger Woods before Thanksgiving of 2009 that is ;) , meaning that I am not a child prodigy, as I was not reared by Buddhists monks or in a yogi ashram, empowering you and showing you that you can do so, too! There is a step by step guide on how you can shed the Bouncy Ball syndrome that we all grew up with (fed to us by our parents, and grandparent, and school and church, etc.) and learn how to Ride Your Horse by mastering your thoughts and emotions so that eventually you will be experiencing the experiences that you consciously conceived as opposed to staggering through the darkness of your life believing that good things only happen to other people.

My book does not offer you salvation but a guideline. A guideline that will help you bring into existence what it is that you might be seeking: health, fulfillment, more money, a loving relationship, kids, or simply a new pair of shoes. It works, no matter what the challenge – that simple!

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