Bowling or the Power of Visualizing a Perfect Score!

Last week we organized a bowling event as part of our efforts to improve group dynamics at our company. Well, needless to say that many of us had either never played before or only had very little experience in bowling – and I certainly would say that I belong to the latter group – while some others could be called pros of the game.

We tried to create teams of equal strength to make it more fun for everyone so we established three categories: total beginners, intermediate and folks who knew how to play. I self-assessed myself as fitting into the second group.

Well, first round of the game came about and it was time for me to bowl and just as I internally had feared the ball hit the side barrier and my first try thus didn't count. I sighed and told myself – "told you so, you are a loser, period!" With this thought rushing through my head I bowled again and so that I could just prove myself, I of course also bowled this one right passed each and every pin so that I had a big fat 'zero' t o show for after my first round. I really tried to shrug it off and tell myself that I would do better next round, but internally I thought to myself, o boy o boy, you cannot even effing bowl.

Second time round I scored a combined five points – not great but certainly better than the big fat zero from my first attempt. Of course I immediately started to observe my fellow teammates as well as watched the other teams wondering whether I would be the worst in the crowd that night. With a little practice though, I got better and better as the night progressed and I realized that I did not need to throw the ball with brute force but rather with a bit of 'flair' making sure it would go through the middle of the stack. When the first game ended after 10 rounds my score card showed 86 points, which put me in the top third of our thirty some strong posse that night.

We created a second round of teams and off we went again. This time though, now that I had a better feel for the weight of the ball and length of the bowling alley and how much strength I should be using, I started to really focus my mind on hitting the first, central, pin slightly to its right or left. Every time before I threw the ball I visualized a perfect score of 10 with all the pins being throwed around by my perfect handling of the bowl. This time round I managed to clean the slate 4 times, twice as much as during my first game. I ended this game with 108 points – significantly more points than before.

Even though we were competing as teams against one another, I of course wanted to be at least the best in my team. First time round I finished as third in our team of six, and second time round I finished already as a close second.

People really liked the game so we decided to play one final game and created new teams again.

Now that my confidence was a lot higher than when we had started to play my visualizations were also much stronger. This time I simply knew how to throw the ball, I felt one with the alley and the pins and felt good about myself and so it happened that I wiped off all 10 pins three times in a row. I was so in tune with the game that I already knew way before the ball got even close to the first pin that I would clear out the field. I would already turn around and dance the dance of a winner before I could even hear the loud bang of the ball hitting the first pin. It was a wonderful feeling. I could have continued all night long. Life and everything that I believe in – the power of our mind, the power of visualization, self-love and self-acceptance, patience and determination – all came about during a simple game called bowling. While I was riding on this high wave I started to realize that I could actually beat the high score of the night, which at that time stood at a pretty impressive 154. I don't even remember where I stood after I finished my 9th round, all I know is that I didn't really think I could beat the high score anymore as I only had one round left. But I was in such a good place emotionally and mentally that I was able to clear out twice before scoring 9 points in my third round.

When all was said and done my score card was reading 165 points – the biggest number of the night by far. I felt like a champ. It was great.

The only reason why I am sharing this story with you is to show you that the power of our mind can propel us into spheres we never thought possible. Once your energies are flowing and you are in tune with the universe and you have a clearly defined goal, there is nothing that can stop you, as long as you have unwavering belief that you can and will achieve your dream!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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