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I have mentioned on many occasions that the key to tapping into the world of cosmic energies is through our breath. The constant and perpetual flow of air in and out of our body has something very mystical to it. It is also life giving. Every second of every minute of our existence. We take our breath as a routine act, something that works, similar to our heartbeat, without us having to do anything at all; we do not even have to think the process. The system functions perfectly whether we are awake or asleep, run a marathon or relax while reading a book by the fire.

My life consists of shifting the paradigms we are in. By doing so we can burst through barriers we previously thought impossible to overcome.

By changing how we perceive our breath, from an automatic routine function to a conscious and deliberate act, we can turn our world upside down. We can become the master of our own universe. Many times I have been encouraging you to consciously breathe. Deliberately letting in the life giving oxygen. Slowly guiding it through our trachea into our lungs and then onward into our belly to then accompanying the now transformed life force out of our system again. The deliberate and conscious repetition of this act over a long period of time, minutes, hours, and even days and weeks, will catapult you into a dimension of awareness and oneness you never knew existed.

I admit that such a practice is very hard to establish on your own while you are trapped in your daily routine. It is much easier, nonetheless a major challenge, if you had some guidance. For those of you who are ready to make the jump and experience something profound I can recommend taking a residential Vipassana Meditation course.

There you will learn during their introductory 12-day silent meditation course Buddha’s original meditation technique. Your entire time will be dedicated to yourself and your experience. 12 days of silence, cut off from your regular duties and daily distractions you will have an opportunity to dive deep into your own soul and through that connect with the universe. Goenka, the spiritual master who introduced the technique to the West will share his knowledge and wisdom with you during his entertaining video lectures in the evening. The course is free. Every single person working there is a volunteer. And all of them have done the course a couple of times before donating their time and labor so that you can have this wonderful experience of solitude and interconnection.

I did my first Vipassana Meditation retreat in December of 2008. It changed my life. A profound experience. I had no idea what I was capable of. Now I know that one can indeed “survive” 12 hours of daily meditation, sitting on your butt, getting up at 4:00 a.m. to only fall asleep by midnight. Incredible.

I am already looking forward to my next retreat. My aim is to qualify for their 30-day long silent retreat. It will take me a couple of years before I will qualify, but I am already looking forward to it.

Are you ready for this? Are you ready for this life altering experience? If so, then simply sign up online – you will not regret this experience!

To close with Goenka’s words: “Be happy!”

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The biggest revelation I had when my journey as a healer started was that we oscillate at a specific frequency. Energies whizz through our entire body in a precise way from the top of our head to the tip of our toes. This constant flow is highly organized and structured; you can picture it like the German autobahn system, where freeways connect organs, bones, tissues, and everything else in between and transport information about the status of each atom and particle in our body to the rest of the system. When we are healthy and every molecule of our body operates smoothly our aura radiates like a sinusoid. It is in perfect harmony with the rest of the universe.

Whenever a system is well lubricated and at one it oscillates like a sine wave: a meadow at sunrise, singing birds in the spring, a promotion at work, falling in love, a new born baby, the flow of traffic post rush-hour. All these are examples of a perfectly pulsating entity. Tapping into such a harmoniously vibrating environment usually impacts other areas of our life very positively. If the sinusoid is strong enough it can even equalize and correct disharmonious aspects of our life.

A sinusoid is one of mathematics core functions describing a smooth, repetitive oscillation. Sine wave patterns are the most commonly found wave patterns in nature. The two most common waves in nature, light and sound waves, are sinus waves. But also ocean waves as well as wave patterns you see in deserts or the way a hissed flag dances with the wind are sinusoids that we come across in our daily lives.

Depending on whether we just look at the wavelength of an organ, a body part, or at our entire system the sinus wave is either more compact and flows like a creek in the Alps or wide and symmetrical resembling the Mississippi on its southward journey to New Orleans.

But if the flow of energy in our body is distorted then the waves start running amok.

If this distortion remains for too long then it will manifest itself in our body as a physical discomfort, be it a migraine, an ulcer, a heart attack, or a broken bone.
The same can be said for life situations, such as stress in our job or in our relationship. If we cannot harmonize these frequencies then we will see a manifestation of their distortion in our daily life. They could be physical as described above or situational, where we lose a job or separate from our partner.

Where in your life do you see your energies flowing harmoniously and where in your life do you feel stuck? Maybe, when looking at the depicted waves above you can identify the areas where your energies are distorted?

More will come on helping you identify and streamline your energy-flow in future blog entries.

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Did you know that on average we have some 60,000 thoughts per day?! That means some 400,000 thoughts per week, about 2,000,000 thoughts per month and 25,000,000 per year! This is an incredible amount of brain activity – we are talking roughly one thought per second of every waken hour of our life! This is such a mind-blowing number that quite naturally most of our thoughts (99.99%) must happen in a subconscious way as otherwise we would simply go nuts.

Since we can measure a thought – each thought equals a frequency – each thought then also must have some sort of a weight; minuscule as it might be, each thought must have a weight. For purposes of this blog, let’s say that each thought equals a grain of sand. This would then mean that we produce some 60,000 grains of sand – a small handful of matter – each and every day! About 2,000,000 every month and some 25,000,000 every year! This is a hack of a lot of sand that we produce every year!! You could almost say that we are either creating our own beautiful sand beach every year or quicksand in which we could drown – paradise or coffin only through our own thoughts! Wow! Now this is quite something!!

Let’s take this a step further here: since every thought equals a grain of sand then that in turn must mean that each and every thought that we have also must have a mass. And where there is a body mass there is gravity. Well, and where there is gravity there is a two-way pulling connecting a receptor with a prong, metaphorically speaking…regarding my Receptor and Prong philosophy check out my previous blog entry.
Basically, the bigger the mass the more gravitational power it has. Once it has reached a certain size it starts pulling toward it more mass (i.e. more of the same thoughts and experiences) without us having to proactively do anything anymore. For example let’s say that you are a sales person who would need to meet a certain sales quota per week/month/year. Once you have “calibrated” your thoughts to think and also truly believe that you deserve to earn a certain amount of money and that you hence will close all the deals that you need to close to meet your quotas you will end up closing not only the required amount of deals but most likely even more. Why?! Simply because you have created the environment for it, you have created a heap of sand that has become so big that it is attracting more such thoughts (=clients) without you having to proactively think about finding clients anymore. It might sound complicated but it really isn’t, it is a pretty simple concept: once the energies flow, the energies flow and you will ride on a high wave which create happy thoughts and those happy thoughts will help you attract more happy thoughts: clients, health, relationship, etc.

It is up to us to proactively create grains and put them on the pile that we want to experience in the future: relationship, career, the environment we would like to live in, etc. The more grains in one pile, the more gravitational pull it develops, and thus the more grains it attracts – from within ourselves as well as from the outside world…

There is no magic pill or injection that brings salvation or hell into our lives – merely thoughts/grains, one at a time…

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If you have been following me and my philosophies for a while then you know that I am convinced that EVERYTHING that we experience in our life starts and ends with our mind. I know that we are products of what we think (about ourselves), how we feel (about ourselves), and what we truly believe is possible (or not).

I believe that everything starts with a thought, an idea if you wish, and a corresponding emotion. The more similar thoughts and emotions we have subsequently, the more the possibility of a creation becomes real and possible or vice versa.

In this blog entry I would like to direct your attention to the work of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. In short, in invented a rather ingenious way where can take pictures of frozen water crystals.

Now you might say, that this is nothing groundbreaking. Well, through taking hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of frozen crystals, he realized that the crystals not only had different shapes and forms but also colors, all depending on where the water came from. A water crystal from a contaminated well looked very different to a water crystal from a serene mountain lake. The more and longer he researched the more he realized that the water crystals literally absorbed the “emotions” of it surroundings. A loving, serene, clean water environment creates lavish and shining and exuberant crystals, such as the ones taken from crystal clean mountain creeks. While contaminated and polluted water produces bleak, simple, and dismal crystals as was the case with the crystal of a water taken from a dam where the corpse of a murdered human was found.

Once he was convinced that water absorbs the energies of its environment he wanted to know if water would also take over thoughts and emotions from people when directed sent to the water in a container. Much to his surprise he realized that the crystals responded to our thoughts and emotions right away. Beautiful and shining crystals turned yellow and bleak when people sent thoughts of hatred while negatively charged crystals turned beautiful when people share emotions of love, peace and joy. I would highly encourage you to check out Masaru Emoto’s website and see for yourself how emotions and thoughts impact our water.

After reading this you might ask yourself what you can do to drink positively charged water? This is very simple to achieve: for years I have been charging my tap water with love, joy and health by simply writing these words on little cards which I then stick on my Brita pitcher. Do it for a for weeks and then share with me your experiences at – I would be very happy to hear from you.

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In my many years of research of how to tap into the universal energies and trying to consciously connect with this invisible net that connects us all so that I can proactively call into my life experiences, events and people that I want, I have not come across a more powerful tool than appreciation and gratitude.

I would say that being consciously grateful and appreciative for all the things that I currently have are the most effective ways to shift my energies and help (re)-focus my mind on what it is that I truly want.

Life Happens
We all fall regularly off of our horse and back into our old patterns of victimization, helplessness and confusion. And I am the first one to openly admit that I do fall off my horse on a daily basis despite the fact that I know that I am a blessed little soul: am healthy, fairly fit, decent looking, charming smile, a supportive family and wonderful friends, clothes to wear, abundance of food to eat, and so on.

Even though I am consciously aware of all of these things I lose sight of what it is that I want and go astray when faced with a challenge and then everything seemingly collapses: I feel too fat, too stupid, too slow, too “blah, blah, blah”.

Regaining the Horse
Falling off of my horse is one thing, getting back on my horse is a completely different game – and I have certainly trained myself to get back on my little horsey as soon as I become aware that I have fallen off my horse – this is the biggest difference between folks who feel victimized and end up in a corner sucking on their thumb and those who achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve despite the fear they feel.

The past 18 months have been the most challenging of my life, hands down! I lost my multimillion dollar biz, my father passed, my girlfriend and I split, long term side effects of my cancer treatment some 20 years ago cropped up – challenges that truly shook my entire belief system from the foundation up.

How come I am experiencing all these catastrophes and facing all these challenges when I have trained my mind and soul to think and “feel” in a specific way, I kept asking myself countless times these past 18 months? How come that despite the fact that I truly believe that it is us who draw into our lives all the experiences that we experience through our own thoughts, emotions and actions, I am faced with life altering challenges one after the other in a short period of time? Lord, what have I done to deserve this?

Shift of Focus
It is in moments like those, when I have lost sight of what is truly important and what it is that I actually have, that my downward spiral starts and I fall off of my horse. But somehow, deep, deep down, a switch gets flicked when my internal pressure reaches a certain point and my internal guardian angel helps me shift my focus from what it is that I do not want and what it is that creates fear and stress in me to what it is that I actually have at this very moment.

Simply by merely focusing my attention on what it is that I have right now, from the simple and small, such as clothes that I am wearing and the gym that I am a member of, to the big and complex, such as my health, being able to navigate my ship out of the wreckage that the collapse of my company left me with, as well as having the support and love of my family and friends, almost automatically gets me back on my horse again.

Why Does it Work?
Now why is that? How come that when I consciously think of the things that I have, I almost immediately feel better and switch into my pro-activeness mode telling my horsey where to go? Having observed myself and the emotions that rush through my body and mind, when I consciously feel grateful and appreciative of all the things that I currently have, I believe that we have a built-in lever that, once moved from the victim position to the grateful position, brings about a bio-chemical / energetic / spiritual alteration of our molecular set-up which quasi leaves us with no other alternative than to simply feel better and see things more lighthearted than before.

This lighthearted approach in return helps to see clearer and thus we are able to take charge of our ship again. Once we are the navigator again holding our ship’s wheel firmly with both hands we then, also, attract more energies from the universe to support us to reach our final destination.

Take Charge and See the Results
Here is an example: a friend of mine who I worked with for some time a couple of years ago, called me up last September telling me that his division got shut down and as a result he lost his job. He of course was shocked and in disbelief and for a couple of days he felt very depressed and victimized. After a few days though he started to tell himself that losing his job was not a catastrophe but an opportunity – an opportunity to find a job made him more money and where he could achieve more than in his previous job. He didn’t worry about the fact that we were in the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. By shifting his energies from depression and fear to being grateful that he was given a severance package affording him some time to find a new job, knowing that he had a supportive family, and a loving wife to then solely focusing on finding the best job of his life ever, he then started to attract more and more supportive energies from the universe so that within only two weeks he landed his big job.

He now works for a Fortune 500 company – the same company that for several years in a row dismissed his applications, each time giving him a different reason why he was not a fit. This time though, now that he had more work experience and had matured as a manager and thus knew of the value that he brought to the table, the company accepted his application and offered him a decent job. Something that people would say seems like an impossible thing to happen: finding a job during the height of the recession at the very same company that has turned him down several times in the past years.
Simply incredible!

My friends, to be blunt and to put it simply: life indeed is a mere mind game, period! When you master the mind you master the results, period! And a major step toward being able to master this game is to be grateful and appreciative. Check out my “Thank You Walk Video” – this is something I do several times a week and it never fails to get back on my horse.

Good luck with the exercise and have fun exploring the endless possibilities that life offers you once you have learned how to crack the code.

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Folks who have been following me for a while know that in my world there are only (universal) energies and the manifestations of our thoughts and emotions which we call life and the experiences that we have. To make people understand the world of the interconnectedness of our energies and literally being able to show them how we attract the experiences and people that we attract I came up with the following picture:
We radiate at a certain frequency. Those frequencies are based upon our innermost and core beliefs and paradigms as well as the way we feel about ourselves and our life. Now imagine that the energies that we exude come out of our body like tentacles. Each belief and feeling equals one tentacle. Each tentacle has a different shape and length and color. Now imagine that each tentacle has prongs at its end. Furthermore picture your body being split into two halves. Your right side has all the prongs come out and radiate at a certain frequency and your left side is plastered with receptors of different shapes and colors. Those receptors are slightly magnetic (similar to power drills we all have at home) and also radiate at a certain frequency.
Being half receptors and half prongs we then go about our lives. Through our subconscious minds we send ahead signals and our prongs which constantly are on the lookout for receptors to connect with. At the same time our receptors are magnetically attracting prongs that are a perfect fit for them, i.e., radiate at the same frequency, have the same shape and color. So all day long we end up “connecting” with people all over the place.
Have you ever wondered why you meet the same type of man or woman throughout your life? Why you never have enough clients or find the right type of clients? Why you seemingly are always sick? Are involved in more accidents than anyone else you know? Or why some people seem to be winning stuff all the time?
Did the penny drop now? It is because of your own energies. It is because of the wavelength that you are radiating at. It is a law. You simply draw into your life all the experiences and people like a magnet because of your prongs and receptors. Once you change the frequency of your prongs and receptors you dramatically change your experiences and life! People that you magnetically drew into your life cannot “connect” with you anymore as their prongs simply slide off of receptor wall. Have receptors and prongs that vibrate at a different wavelength you now will attract those experiences and people that match your new frequency.
Change the way you think and feel and you will change the frequency you exude. Change the frequency and you will create a brand new life. This works in all areas of life: career, love life, health, you name it.

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When I had dinner with my friend Gloria some time ago, she told me the incredible story of her husband’s miraculous healing from cancer. With her permission I may retell the story on my blog showcasing how powerful our minds are – so powerful that we can overcome even helpless situations and challenges swiftly and with ease.

My friend Gloria’s husband Ben was diagnosed with stomach cancer in the early 90’s and given a maximum of six months to live due to the advanced stage of the cancer. Even with full blast chemotherapy his chances for survival were deemed less than slim.

When the doctors conveyed the information to them, Gloria of course felt devastated and did not know what to do as panic kicked in. Ben on the other hand did not show any sign of shock or despair, quite the contrary, he came across as very calm if not aloof to the whole situation. When Gloria asked her husband if he understood what he was just told, he calmly replied to her that she must have misunderstood the doctors and that everything was in perfect order. Because he was so calm and centered and confident in his reply Gloria, for a moment, truly thought that she was mistaken. So she brought a pad and took detailed notes during their next consultation with the doctors. They again urged to start with the chemotherapy right away if Ben wanted to have any chance of survival. During the visit, Ben remained very calm and composed and seemed unfazed by the whole issue. Once home again, Gloria asked her husband if he now understood what was going on and whether he would be ready and willing to start his treatment. Ben again replied with a calm and composed voice that he had no idea what she was talking about. This time she thought that she “got” him and that he could not deny “reality” anymore and had to face the (bitter) truth as she showed him her meticulous notes. He looked at them, smiled at her, and told her that she must have misunderstood what the doctors really were saying. She must have misinterpreted their diagnosis. He was so composed and so relaxed that Gloria started to think that she was losing her mind. Seemingly she was the only one who was stressed out and frightened and the only one who actually cared and faced reality and the facts as they presented themselves. The one thing that drove her most nuts was the fact that she could not talk about this with her husband, as apparently he had gone into complete denial.

One evening when Gloria got home, she found some thirty messages on their voicemail. Totally caught by surprise why so many messages were on their voicemail she started to listen to them one by one. Each one said basically the same: they were so happy to hear that it all was a classic case of misdiagnosis and that they were relieved to hear that Ben was well and healthy after all. What happened was that Ben had left all their worried friends a voicemail claiming that the doctors realized that he did not have cancer after all but only a minor problem which could be fixed in a short period of time.

When Gloria realized what Ben had done, she thought she had lost him and that he had gone completely insane. The next day, when she drove to the hospital with Ben, she brought a tape recorder along and recorded every word that was said during their consultation with the doctors. All the grim details of his reality were caught on tape. This time she was sure that Ben would have to wake up and accept his situation and face the brutal truth of his reality. When she played the conversation back to him, all he said was that they must be mistaken and that he did not want to have anything to do with the whole situation. And by the way, she should stop being so paranoid and wake up and face reality that all is good as he does not have cancer. Period! Gloria loved her husband and would have done anything to help him get healed again, but now she had reached her wit’s end and did not know what else to do. Time was running out, weeks had gone by since the original diagnosis and if Ben did not start right away with his therapy, the slim chances of survival he had would vanish.

The next day Gloria woke up with an epiphany. She begged with her husband to simply try chemotherapy so that the doctors would not lose their face. After all they had put their name on the line here and all they needed was to be given a chance to try things out. Since Ben was healthy anyway, no harm would be done by simply trying things for a while – if not for anything else, then to simply being able to prove them wrong. To her utter amazement he said ‘yes’. The way she had twisted the story made total sense to him and his reality and he willingly drove to the hospital with her and started his treatment right away.

During these rather unusual weeks and moths Ben continued to work as a researcher full time. He never missed a day of work, quite the contrary, he threw himself into his work and worked long hours every day. At that time Ben was working as a highly esteemed researcher in the field of mathematics and statistics.

A few months after his treatment had begun the doctors proclaimed a miraculous healing of a man who was not given even six months to live.

Ben continued as a researcher for many more years and only recently retired to a life filled with classical music and riding his motorbike.

This incredible story is meant to show us that reality is not an objective matter, but only a subjective one. Whose reality was more real – Gloria’s or Ben’s? Do we “have to” face reality and “wake up” only because the majority of people proclaim that their reality is the real one?!

I know that our mind is the biggest BEAST there is – an untapped GIANT – everything starts and ends with our mind. My work focuses on expanding our minds and helping people lead lives way beyond their wildest dreams – because I know it can be done.

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I am a big fan of cleansing and fasting and giving our body a break from its normal routine. Eating food basically means creating toxins in our body – almost no matter how well (and/or how little) you eat! The only way to detoxify, that I know of at least, is to cleanse your body either by completely fasting or going through a detox program that puts you on a highly regimented diet for a while.

Obviously how much we eat – again, almost no matter how well we eat – has an impact on our overall health and toxicity level. The famous “obese vs skinny rat studies” (I do not remember the actual name and the years these were conducted anymore – if you know, please let me know)  have proven without a shadow of a doubt that the amount of food we eat has an impact on our life span. Hundreds, if not thousands, of rats were observed in a controlled environment in sets of three: one rat was fed the amount of calories its weight would require, one rat twice as many calories and one rat only half as many. The rats that got fed the “appropriate” amount of food ended up living for two years, the average age of a rat. The rats that were fed twice as many calories died already after one year and the rats that were on a 50% calories regimen ended up living for three years. An incredible insight into the impact of the amount of food on our lifespan – ponder this for a  while!

Well, over the years I have come to appreciate Stanley Burroughs “Master Cleanser” and have used his system to detoxify and also shed some pounds ;) I know that his “Master Cleanser” has provoked some controversy, such as that it hasn’t been peer reviewed or that it is only another fad diet. Think about these objection whatever you want, I think that his system offers a great way to detox and get re-energized again.

I admit that I have slightly changed his original recipe – if you are a puritan then read his book “The Master Cleanse” – here is how it works:

  • You will need 1 lemon. Use only fresh (ideally organic) lemons and squeeze them freshly every time you prepare a concoction!
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of genuine maple syrup grade B (it offers more nutritional value than the more refined grade A).
  • A pinch (1/10 teaspoon) of cayenne pepper.
  • 10 oz water at room temperature (not chilled as cold water washes off the oils in your intestinal tracts).
  • Shake it all up and drink throughout the day as many glasses as you like.

As you are not eating you would need to keep your bowels moving. First thing in the morning, ideally before drinking your first concoction of the day, or even regular water, do an internal salt flush:

  • Prepare a full quart of lukewarm water.
  • Add two teaspoons of sea salt (and not just the regular iodized salt).
  • Stir it up and drink the entire quart of salt and water on an empty stomach.

In the evening make yourself a “smooth move” tea right before you go to bed. This will get your bowls rocking upon waking up. Using this two-tier bowl movement system will guarantee that you get a lot of your food residue out of your system that would have possibly never seen the light of day otherwise ;)

What I realized throughout my over 10 years of cleansing experience is that my body, when getting hungry, actually, mostly only craves one specific thing in particular: fats. Our brain is in constant need of these fats as it cannot store them. The good ones that is: omega three fatty acids such as nuts, fish, avocados, etc. and not the french fries crap! So now I eat 1 to 2 teaspoons of high grade cold pressed virgin olive oil per day during my cleanse days helping me to sail through my cleanses without any hiccups ;)

Now, Burroughs recommends that you at least do his cleanse for 10 days. Well, I do concur although I can say that I have used his cleanse while on my 36-hour moon cleanse (see one of my previous postings) or an extended versions of it: 72 or 96-hour cleanses. As I try to regularly cleanse – when possible on every new and full moon –  my body and mind sometimes do not take my cleansing aspirations too well, forcing me to discontinue with my cleanse barely after I started it, by making me feel dizzy, nauseated or even giving me a slight migraine. On other occasions, my body and mind really embrace the cleanse and then I end up cleansing for several days, although I originally only had intended to cleanse for 36-hours. You see, one really has to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you – and when you listen, you will be greatly rewarded. In order to make my 36-hour cleanses easier and less stressful on my system I often use Burroughs system instead of only drinking water for 36 hours. It can be done and I have done it often – using Burroughs system makes it a little easier, that is all.

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Love Baths are the perfect way to reconnect with our Inner Child. Take an Epsom salt and baking soda bath for some 15 minutes every day for two weeks. Use Epsom salt for cleansing and baking soda for skin smoothing in a warm bath. Light some candles and play soft music. Take a couple of minutes to relax and take in the warmth of the water – it is as if you are back in your mother’s womb. By taking ten deep belly breaths you will create the focus and equilibrium in your body and mind needed to open up your heart for self-love and self-appreciation. Use your finger to write on your body: “I love myself”, “I appreciate myself”, “I am being healed”, “I am lovable”. We are such givers but seemingly have forgotten to give ourselves for too long!

By appreciating our Inner Child and lending it an ear, it will feel more and more secure over time and eventually give us the answers that we have been looking for – no matter in which area of our life!

When you shower off afterward remain under the flow of water for 2-3 minutes and say out loud, “Thank You”, maybe put your hand on your heart. When looking down “see” the dirt going down the drain and your soul feeling lighter and being able to breathe again ;)

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It is statistically proven that there are more violent crimes during full moon periods, but also more births, more complications during surgeries, as well as interruptions of our otherwise perfect sleep patterns. On the other hand, the days surrounding the new moon are considered to be the easiest days of the months for the police force and the medical profession alike.
This article will only focus on seizing the power of the moon for cleansing and detoxing purposes. In the weeks and months to come I will expand on this topic, covering all aspects of lunar healing – just be patient ;)

Ancient Knowledge
Nothing that I am writing here is new. It is age-old knowledge which has withstood the test of time for thousands of years and deemed an ancient truth – the influence of the lunar rhythms on our own bioindividual rhythms and the art of seizing its power at the right time.

Physical Forces
The gravitational force of the moon impacts everything and everyone on this planet: humans, animals, plants, and seas, all the way into the deepest core of the soul of Mother Earth.
In the course of its roughly 28-day orbit around the earth, the moon will go through these four distinct phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Although of course the two main segments are the waxing and the waning moon, it is highly beneficial to know the moon’s special forces during the few hours of the full and the new moon as well.

  1. Waning moon: during the approximately 14 days in which the moon travels from its fullest to its smallest it helps us to detoxify and to consolidate. Any activity that supports you with detoxifying your body will be doubly effective, and may it only be if you drink a detoxifying tea.
  2. New moon: on the day of a new moon, the detoxification capacity of our body is at its highest as it gets the support of an “empty” moon that has just finished its 14 day long purging journey. Thus this would be the ideal time to start anything that you would like to “get rid of”, such as quitting smoking, or biting your fingernails or simply detoxifying your body. Withdrawal symptoms don’t appear as strong, helping us purge from our bad habits easier.
  3. Waxing moon: during these 14 days the moon gets bigger and stronger by the day. The closer you get to full moon, the more effective its power will get in helping you to build up energy, to absorb and to store nutrition, as well as to fortify your body in general.
  4. Full moon: precisely because our body absorbs all kinds of substances so well on this day – from medication and nutrition to all the toxins that we have in our foods – it is the ideal day to fast and detox for 24 hours giving our bodies a break from its routine

In summary: detoxify when moon is waning and fortify when it is waxing.

How to go about your cleanse:

  1. The night before full or new moon, only eat a light supper – such as a soup or cooked veggies with rice. When going to bed visualize all toxins leaving your body (through sweating, going to the bathrooms, or breathing them out of your system) so that you can reclaim your healthy and strengthened body again.
  2. Do only drink tap water during the day. If you have troubles refraining from food, then add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and some honey to your water. You can drink these as often as you feel like it during the day. If you still feel woozy, lightheaded or might even get a headache, then eat a banana and a handful of raw almonds.
  3. Upon going to bed, visualize your body being healthy, strong and free of toxins.
  4. Have a light breakfast upon waking up (such as fruits). Resume your normal eating habits with your lunch.

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