Few words of encouragement!

In October of 1997, for a mere five minutes, I was able to look deeply into the soul of our universe and realize the interconnectedness of all life. I learned that everything in life is energy and thus everything that is happening to us is because of our own inner thoughts, emotions and belief system. I utilized this knowledge throughout the years in my own professional career and personal life helping me overcome some major challenges while remaining grounded, balanced, and in control of my life.
Over the years I shared my philosophies with more and more people and gradually developed methods where I could help people break down old paradigms and create new realities within a short period of time: improving their health, relationships, and careers, so that they can lead more fulfilled lives.
The aim of my work is to help you look at life from an entirely different angle and realize that you can completely change your life through changing your own thoughts, emotions and paradigms – always! Gradually you will awaken your self-healing powers and learn how to tap into the all encompassing cosmic energies to proactively create the life you always wanted. Slowly your haphazard and fear driven modus operandi will be replaced by a conscious and love driven paradigm.

You do not need any “superpowers” or supernatural and extraordinary experiences to achieve healing in your life. All you need is to clearly find out what it is that you really want – this might be the hardest part of your entire journey – and create an aim and a precisely defined goal so that you then can utilize the universal energies to get you to your destination.

The first step is to accept that there are no “victims” in life – never! Wrapping your head around this rather sober statement will be a challenge, I know so. But once you have learned to truly embrace the fact that whatever happens to you in your life is because of you and no one else, you will shed the notion of being a Bouncy Ball and a mere pawn in the hands of fate but will embrace the fact that indeed you can learn how to become the skipper of our destiny and how to Ride your Horse!

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