Happy 80th Warren!

It is in our nature to aim for better, bigger, and more. A bigger house, a bigger car, a more expensive watch, a better school, a more exquisite neighborhood, more money, a more prestigious job, etc., etc., etc. Even at a time where we are faced with the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, we still aim for the exact same things. The financial crisis might have put a temporary dent in our quest for accumulation of stuff and prestige, but as soon as we can make out a silver lining in the horizon, we go full steam ahead again for the exact same things that originally gave us the headaches and the ulcers to begin with – a never ending vicious cycle/game we are condemned to play until…well, until we realize that we are in a vicious cycle and then take the necessary steps to get out of it – and everybody can do so.

Who says you must, just because you currently earn the money, buy a house in an exquisite neighborhood, maxing out all of your credit lines and turning you into a slave of the banks for decades to come? Just so that you and everyone else know where you stand in society? Why do we have to upgrade our car and lease/buy a brand new gas guzzling behemoth of a vehicle (or two), just because we can? Just because we currently earn the money or have a job – lawyer, physician, manager, business owner – that “requires” an adequate status symbol in the form of an expensive import does not necessarily mean that we have to give into this perpetual game of “having to work to feed the monster” (i.e. our own ego, banks, credit card companies, and local municipalities).

You are not a Bouncy Ball and believe it or not, you do have a choice! You can not only “survive” by just living in a smaller house, driving a less exquisite car, and acquiring simply less stuff, you can actually lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life! It is that easy!


Well, the less you live on the edge, by having exhausted all of your credit lines, the less you must be worrying about having to make the next paycheck. You can use the money you save to go on a vacation, buy higher quality foods, contribute to charity, or simply, and maybe most importantly, have more time to spend with your friends and family!

You are now telling me you cannot do so?! Don’t try to BS me, yourself, or anyone else for that matter!
If one of the wealthiest men of our times, Warren Buffett, can do so, I guarantee you, you can as well. I have been an admirer of Mr. Buffett for many years and I consider him to be a role model for me and my life. I do not mean this from a financial success point of view but rather how he carries himself, his philosophy on life, and his philanthropic traits.
Even though this man has achieved practically everything a man could ask for in a long, fulfilled, healthy life, he has remained a most humble and down to earth human. His primary home is the same he bought in the 60’s in Omaha, and he drives a Toyota Prius. Despite the fact that his personal net worth is estimated somewhere are fifty billion dollars, give or take a few billion, he only pays himself an annual salary of $100k. Not to mention that he has vowed to give away 99% of his wealth! How incredible is that?!

Whenever you feel tempted to “upgrade” whatever it is that you would like to upgrade: house, car, job, career, neighborhood, memberships, network, credit cards, insurance, pause for a moment and evaluate whether you really would need that “upgrade” or whether you are just feeding your ego?

Maybe this little mantra can help you as much as it has helped me: “If Warren can do so, I certainly can do so, too!”

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