Are you ready to become the great healer of your life?

You too can start seeing results like these clients: 

  1. Nick, a development manager, came to me to learn how to heal his business challenges, doubled his income in this economy and (BONUS!) found the love of his life. 
  2. My client, Tony, a successful business owner who had it all except true love, is finally attracting what he wants in his relationships. 
  3. Another client, Ms. Carr, learned how to heal a decade-long health concern. Her doctors are stunned and amazed by the miraculous healing that has taken place. 

If you’re like me and the clients I work with, you too are ready to become the healer of your life, your business, your health and your relationships. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.

Many people just like you – smart, savvy people – are waking up to the fact that they have more influence over their lives than they previously thought. 

I can show you how.

My name is Q Moayad. As the Naked Healer, I help strip away the barriers to total life healing by helping people like you to fundamentally master their lives.

I have developed an unique healing system that will radically improve health issues, financial concerns and will help you succeed in relationships and more. 

My approach puts you in control, restores joy and brings you a higher quality life. You will have money in your pocket. You will have love in your home. Best of all, you will have energy to savor it all.

Discover a powerful healing community of smart, friendly, people. 

Join a group of movers and shakers in the U.S. and abroad, and discover powerful healing practices that will energize your life in ways you never thought possible. 

Get the support you need to make a long-lasting improvement in your health, your business and your relationships.

You’ll feel connected to like-minded men and women who are also interested in learning how to ceate a richer, more meaningful vision for their life through the power of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, and, yes, inspired actions.

In our one on one sessions, I will cover a variety of healing topics for increasing your energy, your bottom line and debunking common myths about personal transformation, leadership and success – all custom tailored to your specific needs!

Start your healing now.

Not sure if this is for you? Your first session (30 minute initial consultation) is free of charge, though pre-registration is necessary. Please send me an email to schedule your first session.


"I sleep like a baby now and love my job!"

Cornelia Müller
Bank Manager
Frankfurt, Germany

"Q’s healing was a profound positive impact on my life." 

Matthew Hoffman
Vienna, VA 

"Q healed my fears about my business. I now feel much more confident in my abilities."

Roger Cervantes
Reiki Master
Jersey City, NJ