How a flight with the Oldest Person I have ever spoken with made me aware of the Constant Change of Life

Recently I had the honor and the pleasure to sit next to the oldest person I have ever met – a 102 year old lady (see the picture below which was taken after we had landed). Had she not told me her age, I would have never been able to guess how old she was. At the most I thought that she was in her 80s. Incredible. Kate has lived through a lot in her lifetime: she was born before World War I, lived through WW II, Korea, Vietnam and all other wars before and since. She saw candle lights being replaced by electricity, dirt roads being paved, horse drawn carriages replaced by cars, and trains by aircrafts. In her lifetime telegraph poles were replaced by telephone poles and the mailman by email. Even though cell phones became a household tool in the 90s she never owned one as the little handheld devices look way too complicated to her – not to mention that she has never sent an email or even owned a computer. When Kate was born women did not have the right to vote in the USA, racial seggregation was widespread, nuclear energy was not discovered yet and Einstein had not yet published his theory of relativity.

When Kate dozed off for a while and I had time to digest how much change she has experienced throughout her 102 years on planet earth I realized that I also have experienced a lot of change – change that impacted primarily me as a person as well as change on a global basis – as well since I first saw the light of day: Revolution in Iran in 79 forced us to flee the country while it threw the country into chaos, culminating in a war with Iraq and sponsoring of terrorism. In 87 Tshernobyl burst, killing any number of people, turning a vast territory into a no-go zone, and causing me to get cancer. And in 09 the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression kills hundreds of thousands of jobs and throwing the world into mayhem, causing a near economic meltdown while it destroys my business forcing me to declare bankruptcy.

Many, many things happed during our lifetime – many ups and at least just as many downs – situations we have no influence over and situations created directly by our own actions. The important thing is to simply know that throughout our life many, many ups and downs will happen and that everything is changing all the time – relentlessly. Change is life and life is change (see Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher known for his doctrine of change) – having the faith, a fundamental trust, that life will continue almost no matter which challenge we are faced with, will give us the energy, the will, and the joy to live on and seek the positive and fulfilling aspects of what life has to offer, irrespective of how seeminlgy bad the situation currently looks.

Have unwavering faith that life can and will go on no matter how desperate a situation or how big a challenge – through the power of your mind and your unwavering faith you can overcome it all.

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2 Responses to “How a flight with the Oldest Person I have ever spoken with made me aware of the Constant Change of Life”  

  1. 1 Anne Schoenfeld and Irene Seifert ( die Zwillinge)

    The read was very ineresting, thank you.
    Happy Birthday Qu, have a wonderful year of health, wealth and beautiful memories.

  2. 2 Q Moayad

    Thank you Anne and Irene – I of course know who ‘die Zwillinge’ are ;))) Bigs hugs to both of you xoxo

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