How to Utilize our malleable mind and memory in Creating the most Fulfilled Life – Ever!

I recently had the incredible pleasure of attending some of Jan Hargrave's seminars on body language. She also delved into the jury selection process in court hearings which gave us an incredible insight into how much thought, work and energy is put into simply selecting the right jurors for a specific case. She then moved on to talk about how much you can read from a witnesses body language as opposed to the spoken word and how much a witness really remembers or simply believes to remember, and this is the topic that I would like to write about today: is reality seen through our eyes or created in our brain whether we have actually seen/heard something or not?

Part of the problem is that the brain does not have a knack for retaining many specifics and is highly susceptible to suggestion. Our memory is weak and usually overloaded with information. An event usually happens so fast that when we are asked to recount specifics of the event we can hardly remember any details as we never focused on the even in such detail. Hundreds of studies have already shown that memories are malleable and, contrary to popular belief, don't work like a video recorder but rather like a grainy slide show.

And here are some examples: in a 1974 study at the University of California, Irvine, participants were asked to view films of minor car accidents in which no glass was broken. When the subjects were asked how fast the cars were driving when they 'smashed' into each other – as opposed to 'hit' – they were more likely to describe shattered glass they never saw. In 1999 researchers at Harvard University showed a video of people dressed in either black or white passing a basketball. The participants were asked to count the number of passes made by players in white. During the test, a woman dressed in a gorilla suit strolled through the players. She remained unnoticed by about half of the subjects. And finally, just to make my point, distraction is not limited to the eyes: at the University of London a 69-second long audio recording of two men and two women preparing for a party was played to a group of participants. Almost all the subjects instructed to listen to the women did not hear a third man repeating 'I am a gorilla' for 19 seconds during the conversation.

These are very powerful findings: if you tell your mind to focus on something – anything – it will filter out everything else, just like a computer.

You can utilize this feature to create the most fulfilling, healthy and happy life for yourself – simply program your mind to see what you ultimately would want to see. Visualize it, bit by bit. Scientists have already proven to us that our brain cannot distinguish whether we saw an object or a situation with our own eyes or whether we 'only' imagined that object or scene by thinking about them. Why not take advantage of this most powerful feature of our brain/mind/computer and program it so that can experience life the way we would want to?

Now most of you might sigh and ask – but how am I supposed to do that?! This is much, much easier than you might think: simply visualize, in every possible tiny detail, the outcome or result you would want to see happen. And allow the rest to simply unfold for you.

Have fun programming your mind into creating the best life ever for you!

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2 Responses to “How to Utilize our malleable mind and memory in Creating the most Fulfilled Life – Ever!”  

  1. 1 Elizabeth

    thought-provoking and encouraging.
    Thanks Q!

  2. 2 Q Moayad

    Thank you for your feedback Liz, I really appreciate it.

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