Is there a Life after Life?

The upcoming anniversary of my father’s death made me pick up a book I had not read in a while: “Life After Life” by Raymond Moody, MD. This book was first published in 1975 (!) and I think it was the first book of its kind written by a physicist. Dr. Moody interviewed over a period of five years 150 people across the US who either were considered clinically dead or had near death experiences.

The author approaches the topic with scientific curiosity and refrains from adding any personal comments or remarks. He also tries to stay away from anything that might be considered esoteric or spiritual, after all, as he does not fail to mention, he is a scientist.

Though in the end, when reading through his summarization one can truly see that within his detached, scientific, precise mind, a new seed was sprouting; a seed of divinity, spirituality, and higher power.

I can highly recommend you this book. It is as gripping a read today as it was some 35 years ago. For more info on the author and to order the book, click here.

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2 Responses to “Is there a Life after Life?”  

  1. 1 Claire Sadler

    The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel and Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado relate to life after death.

  2. 2 nakedhealer

    hey claire, thank you so much for your input, we highly appreciate it. i will try to read these books as soon as i can.

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