It’s Your Breathing – Stupid!

This post is for all of my super stressed out managers, biz owners and mom’s/dad’s who juggle a family and a job – the fastest way to calm down and find serenity is by controlling your breathing. I know, I know, I can hear the outcry already: “What? Just by controlling how I breathe I can get a handle on my stress-levels?! This cannot be true – I certainly also must change my diet, work out more, improve my love life and pop a pill or two to make this happen, right?!”

Well, an improved diet, a work out routine, and passionate sex with your partner, would of course help you a great deal with your stress levels. Though for now, let’s just and solely focus on your breathing.

There are five chambers in our lungs, but we typically only utilize the top three when we breathe the normal adult way. Sometime while growing up we completely forgot how to breathe so that all of the five chambers get filled with oxygen: belly breathing.

I guarantee you when you focus on your breath and train yourself to primarily breathe with your belly, you will master your days in a much, much more relaxed way. The beautiful part is that you do not need to practice the art of breathing for months on end, it works right away.

Here is how it goes: put your hands on your belly button so that you can easily observe the movement of your belly. Breathe in air through your nose and expand your belly until your lungs are completely filled (no need to strain yourself too much though!). You know that your lungs are nicely filled up as your belly will have the shape of a soccer ball. Then slowly breathe out again and pull your belly button toward your spinal cord. This way you start emptying out your lungs with the bottom chambers and work your way up to the top chambers.

An ideal time to practice this type of breathing is right before you want to go to sleep: you are already in bed, you want to wind down, there are no external distractions keeping you from practicing the belly breathing technique.

This simple tool is so powerful that I can guarantee you it can help you overcome the most stressful, testosterone filled boardroom meetings (or I give you your money back – hehe). Try it out and consciously focus your attention on your breathing and make yourself breath in and out of your belly at least three to five times. This only will take you around two minutes and no one will ever know. If you cannot exercise this technique for whatever reason where you are then excuse yourself and go to the bathrooms – you have no idea how often I have left meetings giving myself an opportunity to calm down and refocus by utilizing my breath.

Here is a little video I shot showing you how to utilize the power of your own breath: Channel Q

I want to hear from you! – so, don’t be shy and share with me your experiences and let me know how things are going for you.

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