My name is Q Moayad and I am a highly intuitive and gifted energy coach. As the Naked Healer I am working with high achieving individuals who would want to get more out of their life: a healthy body, fulfilling careers, meaningful relationships, and explored sexuality. My blog is an extended arm of my website and my twice monthly ezines: Sign up for Q's NewsFlash ezines You Can Harness the Energy The intention of this blog is to show you that through proper training of your mind(set) and proper direction-giving of your emotions you can achieve anything you want, including: overcoming life threatening 'dis-eases' such as cancer, healing of broken relationships, finding new love, creating the work environment of your dreams and having the money in your pocket that you always dreamt of. To prove to you that all of this can be achieved through simple shifts of your paradigms and that you do not need to be a master yogi to lead the life of your dreams I chose to be known as the Naked Healer: it stands for openness, simplicity, and tangibility. Allow me to be your guide on this mysterious and wonderful journey through the maze of the cosmic energies that surround us all day, every day, and your life will not be the same again – guaranteed! Find out more on Q's website: