My “Bavaria Munich Champions League Adventure”

As FIFA Word Cup has come to an end and Germany successfully claimed their fourth grand champion title, I thought I would share with you what happened to me on April 29th of this year. I was guiding a trip through Germany and it happened that on the 29th I was in Munich and had a free evening as well. So my driver who is a big Real Madrid fan suggested to see if we can get tickets for the Champions League semifinals game between Munich and visiting Madrid. I highly doubted that we could get a ticket for this game, as such a big game had already been sold out for weeks.

What the heck I said, let’s try it. It was a fairly nice day, not too cold, not too warm and we had a free evening. Since I had never been to a CL game before, I thought this should be a memorable event. And indeed a memorable evening it became.

Upon arrival at the stadium there were already thousands upon thousands of people, some hanging out, some drinking beer, some buying tee shirts and many trying to buy tickets. I thought to myself that there would be no chance on earth to get a ticket (and if, then for sure not for a manageable price). But lo and behold, we found a couple of guys who wanted to sell their tickets for a mere EUR 175 a pop – after some negotiation that is. Given that the original price was EUR 90 we thought this to be an awesome deal. So we went for it and bought them. I must admit that I was really worried that they would try to sell us forged tickets, but since they didn’t run away after the deal and, most importantly, our tickets were accepted at the gates, I thought that nothing could stop us from an awesome night at the world famous Allianz Arena.

As soon as we got to our seats and I saw people sitting in our seats, I knew that trouble was not far away. They told us that their tickets had been stolen somewhere outside the stadium. They of course already had reported it to the police and had the tickets blocked so no one could actually use them anymore. Well, apparently the blocking of the tickets didn’t work out that well, as we indeed use them and got in with them.

I did not want to make a fuss about it so we sat down on the stairs right next to our seats. The peace and joy only lasted for a few minutes though. Soon after the game started an usher came to us asking us to move to our seats. Since we had the original tickets in our hands the usher asked the guys in our seats to get up and follow him so that we could claim our seats.

Just a few minutes later the usher came back with the two guys and asked us to follow him. Reluctantly we followed. On our way down Real scored their first goal, which we did not see.

In the grand entrance area, away from the stands, we were asked to wait until further instructions were given. We asked if we could at least watch the game through an opening in the stand, which we Thank God were permitted to do. In the meantime Real had scored their second goal, which we also missed.

After watching the game for some ten minutes from our not so fortunate position the usher came back asking us to follow him. When we turned to follow him, Real scored their third goal, which we of course also missed. (You should know that I am a Bavaria Munich supporter, so I was not very happy about the score, while my friend is a huge Real supporter and thus was in 7th heaven regarding the score).

In the meantime we found ourselves surrounded by five (!!) riot squat police officers. One of them asked us how we ended up with those tickets. We truthfully told them that we bought them from a person outside the stadium. And, no, we did not know that they were stolen – of course not! Still, we were asked to follow them to the station for further questioning. When I asked whether we were asked to come along as witnesses and actually ultimately victims or as suspects we were told that that was remained to be seen. Just incredible! We were furious about this as you can imagine!

Even though I was shocked, a little scared and upset about the situation, deep down, I was grinning as was thinking to myself, what an adventure this was and that I most certainly will never forget this football game. While my attitude was pretty much a laissez faire one, my driver was seemingly getting more and more upset and angry. While I perceived our situation as an adventure my friend looked at it as an insolence and a waste of his time and money.

We both had to stand against the wall outside the police station deep below the stadium being looked at, literally face-to-face, by riot police. It was surreal. The minutes were ticking by and a fourth goal was scored by Real, which we, of course did not see as well. I was laughing. My friend was steaming.

Finally, the chief of the squad arrived and told us that we were free to go. Our story was believable to them and had been verified. We were free to go.

So basically we had spent EUR 175 per ticket to not only not see a single goal scored but also only able to sit in our seats for maybe 5 minutes and spend about an hour surrounded by riot police while the game was being played.  What an adventure! Something I will never forget in my life.

And the morale of the story you might ask? The morale is that it really doesn’t matter what you are experiencing in your life, as there is no clear cut “good” or “bad” experiences. What indeed matters though is how you go about your experiences! For example, I could have been extremely upset and angry and could have looked at the evening as a waste of my time and money (kind of like my friend) or have a big grin on my face and look this experience as an adventure and something I can “brag” about and share with my grandchildren in decades to come. Life and the experiences it throws at you is what YOU make of it! Period!

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2 Responses to “My “Bavaria Munich Champions League Adventure””  

  1. 1 Sarah Dozzi

    That was quite an experience.
    I watched as many FIFA World Cup games as I could. I was hoping Argentina might have taken it (the Pope would have liked that) but Germany players were at their best throughout and did play better in that final game.
    I would like to visit Dresden some time; it looks like quite the city on UTube. My previous tours never took me to that city – just about every other city in Germany though.

  2. 2 Q Moayad

    Yes indeed Sarah, it was quite an experience. You are right, the Germans played best throughout the whole tournament and thus absolutely deserved winning the World Cup ))

    Much love to you, Q

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