My friends in Europe

I have very good friends in the Alps. They are a young couple in their 30s with two lovely daughters. I have known them for many years and once in a while I am lucky enough to be their guest. During my most recent trip to Europe, I was able to spend a few days at their house again.
As they are highly interested in my work and have seen all the things that I have done in my life: challenges met, obstacles overcome, and things achieved that many people might deems as “impossible” to do, we often end up having late night conversations about energies and how it is all connected and how to best utilize this knowledge. They both believe in the fact that we are not mere Bouncy Balls and that we can learn how to Ride our Horse, but just like anyone else, they also fall off their horses frequently and sometimes cannot see the forest for the trees.
Since our recent talks helped them to SEE how their own energies have supported them to overcome all of their challenges of the past year, I got their permission to recap our discussions in this blog.

Jimmy and Helen had stopped working at Helen’s parents organic farm to explore other opportunities. As there is always work to be done on a farm, they realized that they would need to move away to really not be sucked into the daily grind of a farm. So they found a lovely house, big enough to accommodate their family and their pets and two horses, about 20 minutes away from the farm. Mind you, Helen had become a stay home mom after having given birth to two daughters and Jimmy had stopped his career to pursue the life of an organic farmer. Now, not working on the farm and moving into a house somewhere else meant that money had to be made. Luckily they had some savings, not much, but enough to keep them going for some time.
Once they had settled into their new home, Helen found a part time job at a doctor’s office in a nearby town. This meant that she would need to take their sole car twice a week. But since Jimmy was working from home, there was no car problem. Jimmy always wanted to be his own boss so he spent a lot of time working on how he could make money as a solopreneur. While he was working on finding the best avenue for himself he kept working in different jobs so that he could support his family.
Now, after a year, money and savings had come to an end and something had to happen.
Well, and things continued to happen: Jimmy, through one of his part-time jobs ended up reconnecting with a former boss of a job he left a few years ago. As they were looking for a project manager starting as of January 1, and Jimmy had all the qualifications they needed, he landed the job. The pay is not overwhelmingly good, but enough to support his family. The great plus is that he has practically no boss and thus complete free hands to manage the project as he seems fit leaving him also with plenty of time to pursue his other part-time jobs and interests. One of which being producing and distributing a CD on meditation in major chains in Europe. Since Jimmy got his new full-time job, they had a logistical problem – they needed a second car as otherwise Helen would not be able to continue with her part-time job which is vital to their family budget. While i was their guest, right after the beginning of the new year, they found a friend who was able to lend them his car for a few weeks until a permanent solution was found. A day after their local friend offered his car, Helen found a great deal on a second hand car on the web. The problem was that the seller lived a couple of hours away as well as that they did not have the money to buy the car. On that very same day, their family and friends chipped in money to come up with the money needed to buy the car. Incredible!

On my last night I spent a couple of hours recapping the events of their past year which made Helen aware how incredibly lucky they are and that indeed it will be provided as long as you ask for a solution and believe in it:
1) When life on the family farm became unbearable and they wanted to move away, they found a perfect house for their needs, accommodating not only their family but also all their pets. The rent was fantastic giving them enough breathing space until they found new work.
2) Leaving the farm meant they needed to find other means of income. Helen, who had been out of the workforce for a few years, landed a part-time job at a doctor’s office, providing them with a decent pay but even more so the flexibility to continue to be a stay home mom. Jimmy found odd jobs here and there which were paid pretty well as well as giving him the time to focus on what he wanted to do with the rest of his life – eventually he wanted to succeed as an entrepreneur.
3) Through his connections and continued focus on creating of a successful self-employed person, Jimmy ended up producing a highly professional CD on meditation which will hit the stores in Europe soon. He also found a great niche in multi-level marketing.
4) Even though Jimmy was working hard on his career as an independent solopreneur the necessary means did not pour in. So, right when the reserves where coming to an end, he found a steady job that was in alignment with his believes, offered good pay and left him with enough time at hand to continue with his business aspirations.
5) When Jimmy’s new job meant that a second car had to be organized one of their friends offered to lend his car for a few weeks for free until a permanent solution was found. Once a temporary solution was found, a permanent solution manifested itself as well.

When we recapped everything that had happened for them in the past year, the coin dropped for Jimmy and Helen and they both realized that they have been “riding the wave high” so to speak. And they both ended up having a big smile on their face as they could see that they have been worrying about the future for no real reason as every challenge, literally every challenge, that they faced in the past was met; which meant that most likely they would also be able to overcome challenges in the future.

Out of personal experience and the work that I do with folks I know that 90% of the worries that we experience only happen in our minds and never become reality. So kick back and relax and allow things to unfold as they come – if you surrender to the cosmic energies, you can rest assured that things will unfold one way or another.

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  1. 1 Sonia

    Love this story. We often fall victims to worry and stress. I guess one just has to learn to have faith that things eventually will fall into place when the time is right.

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