My Friend’s Wedding in Norway or the Merger of Two Families

Las weekend I visited my friend R in Norway as I was invited to attend his wedding. Needless to say that it was a magnificent event. It was the warmest March since recordings started – last year the still had a foot of snow on the ground – the sun was shining, it was a brilliant cloudless Saturday afternoon and we were overlooking the town from a gazebo set atop a hill.

It is not so much the wedding and the festivities that I would like to talk about but rather what I had the pleasure to observer 'behind the scenes' – the everyday life of two families merging and becoming one. R's lovely wife H has three daughters, a 7, a 10 and a 16 year old. And R has the coolest 8 year old son you can possibly imagine – but that is another story altogether. R and H only met less than 2 years ago but all of H's daughters embrace R if not as their new dad, but for sure as the new man in their mom's life and their new confidant and person they could lean on and trust. This was a heartwarming observation. How come R was able to win all of the girls (even the teenage one's!!) hearts and trust?! I shared with R my observation and admiration and asked him whether he knew why he was able to create such a great relationship with the girls in such a short period of time?

His answer was short and sweet: say what you gonna do and do as you say; in short keep your word and be reliable. When he says they are going skating on the weekend, they are going skating on the weekend, period. And if, on rare occassions, he cannot keep his promise, he explains them why and comes up with alternative plans.

R's response reminded me of something I once learned from a sage: treat relationships like bank accounts. Whenever you do something good then you can consider it as an emotional deposit. When you are reliable and create an environment where people can trust you, you are building up a big savings account. The bigger the savings the easier it is to be forgiven in case you cannot deliver on a promise – which eventually will happen, no matter what.

What goes around, comes around. The energies you exude create your perceived reality. Mind you, in R's case, the girls did not have an easy childhood, so it was not a walk in the park for him at all to achieve the loving family life he was enjoying on a daily basis. But his consistency and determination to create the family life he always wanted gradually produced an environment where the kids started to feel comfortable so that they felt safe enough to let down their guard and embrace R full heartedly.

The life you have is 100% a creation of you, your thoughts, belief systems, paradigms, and actions. As you can see, you can also Ride Your Horse in a family setting and proactively and consciously create the life that you want – we are no Bouncy Balls, we are no Victims! We are on Planet Earth to create the life that we want in all and every aspects – may this story inspire you to do so.

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3 Responses to “My Friend’s Wedding in Norway or the Merger of Two Families”  

  1. 1

    My late husband, the immigrant to Canada from northern Italy, had an expression: “With the truth (ie. honesty) you go before God”.
    These two families have united with “honesty” as their base; honesty never fails. We were hoping to read about your wedding, Q!! How are you?

  2. 2 Q Moayad

    Hey Sarah,
    Thank you for your comment – great saying indeed!! Re my own wedding: o well, God knows…when the time is ready, the time is ready :)

  3. 3 Sarah Dozzi

    Yes, “Q”, I agree – when the time is ready. Meanwhile I hope you are still happy and getting your jogging in wherever you land.

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