Notion of life as a Bouncy Ball

Trying to show you that life is not a mere random stringing together of situations and incidents, may they be trivial or profound, I have come up with some simple graphic and tangible terms that I am using in my work helping you see the apparent connection between your physical reality and the infinite and abundant world of energy. Our physical life – the life that we struggle with and try to make sense of on a daily basis – only represents a minute portion of a ginormous integral whole. Since this tiny world of our physical presence is the only part we can see many of us presume that all there can be is this visible realm. But this minuscule part is even less than what we often refer to as the “tip of the iceberg”. Literally everything else that is going on remains hidden to us as we simply have not yet learned how to pierce the veil of darkness and bring light and understanding to this boundless universe of interconnected energy and consciousness.

Some of us though, and this number grows by the day, have started to wonder whether what we are experiencing as life really is all there is and can be. More and more are now trying to figure out how to dive into the unknown and explore the vastness of our interconnected consciousness and utilize this abundance of energy helping them lead a fulfilling life.

But before we get lost in how to make sense of our stressful, painful, draining, lonely, prison like, sick and depressing life – albeit acknowledging that there are, sometimes even vast, spells of laughter, joy, happiness, sunshine, and love – let’s get back to the beginning and start with the basics which brings us to a paradigm altering invention of the 1960s: the bouncy ball.
Now you might shake your head and wonder what this popular polybutadiene rubber toy ball which rebounds proportionally to the amount of force used when thrown at a hard surface has anything to do with exploring and utilizing the intangible realm of cosmic energies?
Believe it or not, the notion of whether you and the life you lead is a mere bouncy ball – a rubber toy ball that bounces off of surfaces – or whether you have, at least, some sort of say in this game called life is the nucleus of the matter and hence the starting point of our discussion.

We have all been conditioned to believe that life, and for that matter the world we live in, is a set and rigid system and that we, ultimately, cannot do a lot to truly alter much of any of it. We were born as a girl or a boy, healthy or with a disability, into a specific family, social class and country without ever having been asked by anyone whether we indeed wanted any of this. Few end up living the life of a prince while most end up having to fight for survival on a daily basis. How can this be?

From early on we were made to believe by our parents and grandparents and other “sympathetic adults” that the universe we live in is a static construct with an immutable set of laws: we fall, we get hurt, no oxygen, we die, we misbehave, we get reprimanded, we don’t study, we fail, we don’t work hard, we won’t succeed, no pain no gain, only the strong survive, life is hard and unfair, sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down, accidents happen, there is only so much you can do, etc., etc., etc. Does this sound familiar? I bet it does!
The older we get the more people we meet who keep repeating the same doctrines we were told by our family and relatives: teachers, peers, mentors, media, and the church. And because every single one of them actually believes in these doctrines – mind you though they cannot be blamed for how they think at all as they have also only been conditioned by their parents and grandparents, peers, teachers, mentors, and media – they come across very authentically so that we keep absorbing these notions and belief systems unfiltered and unreflected until they become an integral part of us.

Then, one morning, we wake up drenched in sweat looking at our stressful, painful, unfulfilling, tiring, and fear driven life and wonder whether this is what life is supposed to be. How can it be that despite the fact that we have a job, make money, have a family, are healthy, and live in a safe country we feel so lost and trapped and desperate? What’s “wrong” with us? Why do we keep missing something? And what is that something? How come that life’s sky primarily seems overcast with many – too many? – rainy, sometimes even stormy days, but only few – too few? – sunny and warm ones? Ah! Then we remember all the “wise” words we heard growing up about how life is, namely a permanent up and down, hard and unfair, and, above all, that we cannot really do anything about it. So we drag our ass out of bed and go about our routine hoping that we will soon come out of our misery and stumble upon a sunny spell again.

Don’t get me wrong, I was reared the exact same way. I have had the exact same parents and grandparents and peers and mentors and teachers you had. Quite naturally I also ended up absorbing the exact same notions you were fed growing up. In the end we are stuck in the same paradigm, as we only continue to regurgitate what was shoved down our throat by the previous generation and the one before them.

And again you might wonder what any of this has anything to do with the miracles of life or these rubber balls that I keep referring to over and over again?

Well, it happened that one morning I woke up and realized that if indeed what my family, teachers, mentors, friends, the media, and all the other sympathetic people in my life kept saying about life was true, that life was so black and white and so rigidly set as described that at best we could only learn how to cope with and react to life’s curveballs, then I really could not be anything more than a mere cogwheel in a gigantic clockwork, destined to move when prompted, reacting to the impulse I receive from the cogwheels I am directly or indirectly connected to.

With horror I thought that if my conclusion of what everyone was saying was true then I would be set to lead a reactionary life, forever stuck in a treadmill called existence, completely dependent upon where, how far and how hard I am thrown by what we call fate.

Then I heard a clicking noise in my mind and started to smile.

And this is how I ended up comparing life with the rubber toy balls that first became world famous as Super Balls and are now commonly referred to as bouncy balls.

Are you a bouncy ball? Or do you think you can be the skipper of your life and tap into the mysterious unknown and utilize the cosmic energies to lead a fulfilled, happy life?

To be continued…

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