Prince William and Kate vs. Laverne and Ellen – magic happens everywhere!!

Over one billion (!) people watched William and Kate’s wedding on Friday, April 29th. A fairy tale became reality – an “average” girl turned into a princess. Something we all deep, deep down daydream about – that someone picks us up and pulls us out of our average, mundane, and maybe even miserable life and through a magic kiss turns us into a beautiful princess or charming prince. When do we ever see a Cinderella story to come true? Never, right?! Wrong!

There are Cinderella stories happening all day every day – we just have to see it. Such a story is unfolding right in front of my eyes, so instead of writing about William and Kate, I much rather would like to write about Laverne and Ellen. I am currently guiding them on their tour through the Alps. Laverne is taking his Ellen on a tour through Europe – it is their honeymoon. So might be inclined to say that this is not such a unique love story; well, only because you do not know that Laverne is 76 years and Ellen is 72 years old. They just got married a few months ago and Laverne wanted to show Ellen “his” Europe. Last time he was here was as a soldier in the 1950’s where he got to travel through and learn to appreciate Europe. He never had a chance to come back again – until now. Both were married once before; Laverne for over 50 years and Ellen for nearly 50 years. Both took care of their sick partners for decades and both lost their partners a few years ago. Both live in rural Wisconsin and happened to bump into one another through a divine providence.

Throughout their trip they have not left each other’s side once and whenever I look at them they are holding hands. Laverne keeps saying that he is the luckiest man on earth to have found Ellen and to be able to spend time with her. He couldn’t even remember how it feels not to take care for somebody. His wife was suffering from MS and was sick and needed help for thirty of their fifty years together with her final ten years being bedridden and needing constant attention. Laverne said that it never crossed his mind to ever leave his wife he was just there for her, despite having to work on his farm long, long hours and also running a tractor repair business on the side – apart from raising his children. He did not have a single to himself for some thirty years and wasn’t able to travel since his return back to the US from Europe in the 1950’s. His heart was yearning to travel and to explore but life’s circumstances forced him to stay put.

Not only was he taking care of his wife but also he had to overcome a few major health issues – cancerous tumor and a heart attack, apart from a big accident. All of these sent him straight to hospital – weeks, months and years of personal fights but he never forgot to laugh and to say ‘the hell with it’. When you talk to these two little angles you do not see a trace of bitterness or anger in their eyes – all you see is happiness, excitement and love for each other. To have met them on my journey has been a blessing indeed! Thank you Laverne and thank you Ellen.

As you can see a ‘William and Kate’ miracle is happening all the time – just choose to see and choose to experience yourself and you will!

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4 Responses to “Prince William and Kate vs. Laverne and Ellen – magic happens everywhere!!”  

  1. 1 Gerda

    of course there are many Prince William and Catherines out there!! sometimes it takes many years to find your prince/princess, it happens, I know.

  2. 2 Virginia Pielow

    Love this story. Thank you for sharing.

  3. 3 NakedHealer

    You are right Gerda, there are many, many love stories out there – one has to simply be open to see them…

  4. 4 NakedHealer

    Dear Virginia, it makes me happy to see that you liked the story ;)

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