Receptors and Prongs

Folks who have been following me for a while know that in my world there are only (universal) energies and the manifestations of our thoughts and emotions which we call life and the experiences that we have. To make people understand the world of the interconnectedness of our energies and literally being able to show them how we attract the experiences and people that we attract I came up with the following picture:
We radiate at a certain frequency. Those frequencies are based upon our innermost and core beliefs and paradigms as well as the way we feel about ourselves and our life. Now imagine that the energies that we exude come out of our body like tentacles. Each belief and feeling equals one tentacle. Each tentacle has a different shape and length and color. Now imagine that each tentacle has prongs at its end. Furthermore picture your body being split into two halves. Your right side has all the prongs come out and radiate at a certain frequency and your left side is plastered with receptors of different shapes and colors. Those receptors are slightly magnetic (similar to power drills we all have at home) and also radiate at a certain frequency.
Being half receptors and half prongs we then go about our lives. Through our subconscious minds we send ahead signals and our prongs which constantly are on the lookout for receptors to connect with. At the same time our receptors are magnetically attracting prongs that are a perfect fit for them, i.e., radiate at the same frequency, have the same shape and color. So all day long we end up “connecting” with people all over the place.
Have you ever wondered why you meet the same type of man or woman throughout your life? Why you never have enough clients or find the right type of clients? Why you seemingly are always sick? Are involved in more accidents than anyone else you know? Or why some people seem to be winning stuff all the time?
Did the penny drop now? It is because of your own energies. It is because of the wavelength that you are radiating at. It is a law. You simply draw into your life all the experiences and people like a magnet because of your prongs and receptors. Once you change the frequency of your prongs and receptors you dramatically change your experiences and life! People that you magnetically drew into your life cannot “connect” with you anymore as their prongs simply slide off of receptor wall. Have receptors and prongs that vibrate at a different wavelength you now will attract those experiences and people that match your new frequency.
Change the way you think and feel and you will change the frequency you exude. Change the frequency and you will create a brand new life. This works in all areas of life: career, love life, health, you name it.

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4 Responses to “Receptors and Prongs”  

  1. 1 Christina

    You’re so right about this … If you keep seeing yourself in a certain position you are sure to stay there no matter what you do, but change your view of things and they will change as well.
    Thanks for another great blog entry :)

  2. 2 Debbie

    Yeah, that’s all great and everything, but…so? It’s also a fact that we can off our bills if we were given a few briefcases packed full of $100.00 bills. I have so many books on things just like this where someone goes on and on of blah blah blah, being happy is healthier, not being a People Pleaser is healthier, yet no one has any REAL steps of how to achieve that ideal of what-someone-says is perfection. So then I order another book, hoping it tells me more. Nope; it’s just a different direction of the same topic, describing the results of all the people that ‘got there’, but with no direction of how to do so.

    Tired of the blah blah blah. Someone needs to fill in that gap and tell us HOW to get there. And don’t say ‘everyone’s different and they achieve self actualization through different means’ is a cop out. We all need shelter, food, and water. Essentially, if something works successfully, it should work for everyone across the board.

  3. 3 Debbie

    And also, I’m not an electrical engineer. I have no idea what a prong and a receptor look like. Including pictures would be nice, at least for those of us that aren’t mechanically inclined.

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