Regression or “How I Died in 5,032 BC”

On my constant quest to learn more about myself and my healing powers, and to find answers to why the heck we are here and have a conscious mind, life, death, and everything in between, I have traveled thousands upon thousands of miles – more figuratively than literally, but still ;)

One of the vehicles for trying and hoping to understand our universe better is undergoing regressions. What an incredible journey that is! I have done a few and boy o boy were they emotional ones. Every time I came back out of my trance crying and sobbing. During each regression I experienced some 3 to 5 lives and deaths.

The farthest back in time I have traveled thus far was to 5,032 BC where I relived my final minutes on earth. I was a very old man for that time, 42. I remember wearing very basic clothing, basically fur wrapped around my torso and my feet but my legs and arms felt bare. I was walking through snow and I was freezing and shivering. Even in my trance like state I could feel the dampness creeping into my body. I remember stumbling and falling onto the ground due to exhaustion. I was simply too weak to get up anymore. Eventually my body and my soul gave in and I died – I had frozen to death.

It was such a powerful experience. Even right now while writing about it, I can feel all the emotions I felt during my regression: fear, giving in, letting go, the equilibrium I felt inside even though my outside was gradually freezing to death. It still send shivers through my spine.

A book that I read many years ago: “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss, MD, got me into trying regressions myself. I did them – and continue to do them – with the help of a psychotherapist who is trained to guide people into a light hypnosis. In his book Dr. Weiss tells a story of one of his patients who he was able to tremendously help by doing regressions with her. All in all she experienced well over 100 past lives during her therapy with him. Originally she was considered a “lost cause” and “incurable” of her psychological problems. Over time she not only got cured but actually turned into a gifted healer herself who now leads a fulfilled life helping other people overcome their problems.

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