I offer life healing sessions limited for high-achieving individuals ready to optimize one or more area of their lives. For details email me @

I also offer monthly healing events in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area and inspiring speaking engagements for organizations and communities looking for a fresh approach to healing life challenges.

Choice Clients

All of my clients are both unique and yet very alike.

Be it a business owner, a working professional, executive or free agent, we all have moments where we may face a crisis in confidence or health, feel lost in the world or are unsure as how to resolve their challenges at work. Most are all ready to leap across the gap into the next level of our life and business.

If you like fast results, consider yourself an action-oriented person and are motivated to implement what you learn, then chances are we would work brilliantly together.

Clients typically hire me for the following reasons:

Business Results

  • Breaking through invisible money barriers
  • Creating higher income and surpassing your previous goals
  • Releasing conflict in the workplace
  • Inspiring your team through mindful leadership skills
  • Integrating best practices and technology (where you need it, if you need it)

Health Results

  • Improving your stamina and your ability to focus
  • Designing an eating plan that calls your best self forward
  • Releasing recurring health concerns that sabotage your confidence
  • Attracting high quality relationships that nurture you
  • Making your love life a work of art

Spiritual Results

  • Creating time to connect with your inner guidance
  • Trusting your decisions (no more second guessing yourself)
  • Bringing your unique gift to the world
  • Working with others and rising to a higher level of power in the world
  • Managing your fear

Ready to get started?

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“I lost 35lbs., stopped smoking and got into shape. I am finally in charge of my life!”

Gary C
Media Executive
London, United Kingdom

“Decades of suffering from insomnia and seizures were cured. Without Q’s help I might have died!”

Noel Darling
Sydney, Australia

“At last I found my soul mate!”

Michael K
Telecom Manager
Vienna, Austria