Sine Waves – The Frequency of our Universe

The biggest revelation I had when my journey as a healer started was that we oscillate at a specific frequency. Energies whizz through our entire body in a precise way from the top of our head to the tip of our toes. This constant flow is highly organized and structured; you can picture it like the German autobahn system, where freeways connect organs, bones, tissues, and everything else in between and transport information about the status of each atom and particle in our body to the rest of the system. When we are healthy and every molecule of our body operates smoothly our aura radiates like a sinusoid. It is in perfect harmony with the rest of the universe.

Whenever a system is well lubricated and at one it oscillates like a sine wave: a meadow at sunrise, singing birds in the spring, a promotion at work, falling in love, a new born baby, the flow of traffic post rush-hour. All these are examples of a perfectly pulsating entity. Tapping into such a harmoniously vibrating environment usually impacts other areas of our life very positively. If the sinusoid is strong enough it can even equalize and correct disharmonious aspects of our life.

A sinusoid is one of mathematics core functions describing a smooth, repetitive oscillation. Sine wave patterns are the most commonly found wave patterns in nature. The two most common waves in nature, light and sound waves, are sinus waves. But also ocean waves as well as wave patterns you see in deserts or the way a hissed flag dances with the wind are sinusoids that we come across in our daily lives.

Depending on whether we just look at the wavelength of an organ, a body part, or at our entire system the sinus wave is either more compact and flows like a creek in the Alps or wide and symmetrical resembling the Mississippi on its southward journey to New Orleans.

But if the flow of energy in our body is distorted then the waves start running amok.

If this distortion remains for too long then it will manifest itself in our body as a physical discomfort, be it a migraine, an ulcer, a heart attack, or a broken bone.
The same can be said for life situations, such as stress in our job or in our relationship. If we cannot harmonize these frequencies then we will see a manifestation of their distortion in our daily life. They could be physical as described above or situational, where we lose a job or separate from our partner.

Where in your life do you see your energies flowing harmoniously and where in your life do you feel stuck? Maybe, when looking at the depicted waves above you can identify the areas where your energies are distorted?

More will come on helping you identify and streamline your energy-flow in future blog entries.

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