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Q Moayad, The Naked Healer
Stripping Away the Barriers to Total Life Healing

In private practice in Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Q Moayad is a life-transforming mentor with a deep understanding of how your mind and body affect your ability to manifest your core desires. Q’s developed cutting-edge programs that strip away barriers that prevent total healing by helping people to fundamentally master their lives and achieve their greatest potential.

As a highly respected healer, Q has an unmatched combination of life experiences and scholarly study. As a teenager, he was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer at which time he began to recognize healing energies. After surviving cancer and a serious car accident, he made a commitment to make the most out of life.

Q began studying a range of healing modalities and is trained in multiple psychotherapies, including the Hoffman Process, the Silva Method, Reiki and applied kinesiology. He avidly practices meditation and studied Neuro-linguistic programming, specializing in its real-life application.

Q’s teaching experience includes: speaking to businesses, associations, networking groups and wellness centers. He built a successful travel company named one of the fastest growing businesses in the U.S. in 2007 by Entrepreneur Magazine. He also facilitates the organization of one-of-a-kind wellness retreats for health care professionals and served as the President of Round Table USA as well as its local Washington, D.C. Chapter of business leaders.

Clients include business owners, professionals, executives and a variety of individuals who may be facing a crisis in confidence or in their health, feeling lost in the world or unsure how to resolve their challenges at work. They are all ready to leap across the gap into the next level of their life.

With over 15 years of personal and professional practice, he has led, taught and guided many individuals to use the strategies of his unique healing system to transform their lives. He has received accolades from past clients looking to improve health issues, financial concerns and personal relationships.

Q’s speaking style is direct, engaging and dynamic. He has a passion for sharing the wisdom gleaned from his practice, life experience, and training, and exudes a friendly, insightful advisor style to his presentations.

Healing Seminars by Q are about sharing the cutting-edge secrets that lead to the healing and transformation of life challenges. By showing that we are not simply a cog caught up in an uncaring world, but that we have the power to heal our lives, participants in his workshops learn to thrive in any situation. By applying his mindset and strategies, they too can become masters in this Game of Life.

Sample Seminars

  • Healing Anxiety and Stress for Good
  • How to Stop Letting Fears Lead Your Life
  • How to Use Your Healing Energy to Positively Influence Your Career
  • Creating Integrative Success in Uncertain Times

Q believes the following opportunities are hidden in every challenge:

  • The chance to reconnect with what’s true for you
  • The chance to press “re-set” on what’s not working in your life
  • The chance to strip down to the bare soul and totally healing your life

Q can show you how.

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“I’ve doubled my income and found the love of my life!”

Nick E
Business Development Manager
Arlington, VA

“I feel much more in control of my future.”

Successful Business Owner
Alexandria, VA

“I lost 30 lbs, have a new, more positive perspective on my life and my ADD is under my control.”

IT Executive
Falls Church, VA