The Arnold Schwarzenegger Story

This story is meant to show you that literally everything is possible, as long as you put your mind to it. I by no means know every aspect of Governor Schwarzenegger’s life nor have I ever met him personally. But let’s say that as a half Austrian I have followed Arnold’s career with curiosity and am happy to say that I am an admirer of his achievements.

Elevator Awareness
In many of my workshops and one on one coachings I have compared his accomplishments with the following elevator ride parable:
Let’s say that a high rise has 100 stories and a little kid would like to use the elevator to travel upward. Well, given his height he can only reach say the button for the 10th floor. Even though he might know that there are more floors, his reach is limited to the 10th floor. Period. A slightly older kid can reach the 20th floor and an even older one the 50th until the person is old (tall) enough to reach the button for the 100th floor. With height = elevated awareness comes reach = knowledge of what is possible.

In our own lives, we only see what we see. If we do not open up and sensitize ourselves to the great many opportunities that present themselves to us routinely in our life then we end up doing, more or less, the same (boring and mundane) crap for our entire lives. We basically are stuck with reaching the 10th floor – even if we might know that there is a 100th floor.

So what has all of this to do with Arnold you might ask yourself?
Well, Arnold was born in a small town in the southern parts of Austria. His family’s financial situation was anything but great. He, at a teenage age, realized that he was pretty good in building up a muscular body (an activity that then was not considered to be a sport – certainly not in conservative Austria of the early 60’s), so he ended up winning junior competitions starting at age 17.

Knowing he could not develop any further in Austria, he moved to Munich and London to become Mr. Universe and then ultimately to the US. Intrinsically he felt that only through outstanding achievements as an bodybuilder he could reach the next level – acting. Do you think that was easy for him? He was only able to reach the 10th floor button but now wanted to reach the 50th floor button. I do not want to know how many doors were slammed into his face while trying to get into the movie industry. Somehow, through his elevated vantage point as a bodybuilding superstar, he knew that he simply had to stay focused and continue to Ride His Horse, as opposed to be thrown around like a Bouncy Ball by what other people thought was possible or not (everything what he represented was used against him: his muscles, his accent, his face, you name it).

Despite many, many setbacks, he was given a chance. Then another and then another, until he became the Terminator and eventually the highest earning movie star of the 90’s. In the midst of all of this he ends up marrying into the Kennedy family in the 80’s. Do you think he knew he would become the governor of California then? No, of course not! But, having reached the 50th floor button, he aimed for the 100th floor button. Can you see the jump here? 10th floor, 50th floor, 100th floor! Having gained national recognition as the Health Adviser under Bush senior’s term, somehow he realized that he could go for gold. And believe it or not, the opportunity presented itself in 2003 and he grabbed it by its horns.

Would he go for the 1000th floor button and aim to become the president of the United States? You bet he would…but regrettably he was born on foreign soil which prevents him from running for president…

What is the moral of this story? Well, did Arnold know he would end up as the president of 1/8th of the US (as Time Magazine put it) when he took his first barbells into his hands? No, certainly not! But he consistently worked on Riding His Horse, no matter what! He knew what he wanted and only focused on what he had influenced over and trusted that the rest would unfold. He would have been a perfect student of my teachings – whenever I think of Arnold I see the perfect example of what we can achieve in a short human’s lifetime. Just mind-blowing and incredible!

May this story inspire you to continuously reach for the 100th floor button.

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