The Power of our Mind – Getting Healed from Cancer!

When I had dinner with my friend Gloria some time ago, she told me the incredible story of her husband’s miraculous healing from cancer. With her permission I may retell the story on my blog showcasing how powerful our minds are – so powerful that we can overcome even helpless situations and challenges swiftly and with ease.

My friend Gloria’s husband Ben was diagnosed with stomach cancer in the early 90’s and given a maximum of six months to live due to the advanced stage of the cancer. Even with full blast chemotherapy his chances for survival were deemed less than slim.

When the doctors conveyed the information to them, Gloria of course felt devastated and did not know what to do as panic kicked in. Ben on the other hand did not show any sign of shock or despair, quite the contrary, he came across as very calm if not aloof to the whole situation. When Gloria asked her husband if he understood what he was just told, he calmly replied to her that she must have misunderstood the doctors and that everything was in perfect order. Because he was so calm and centered and confident in his reply Gloria, for a moment, truly thought that she was mistaken. So she brought a pad and took detailed notes during their next consultation with the doctors. They again urged to start with the chemotherapy right away if Ben wanted to have any chance of survival. During the visit, Ben remained very calm and composed and seemed unfazed by the whole issue. Once home again, Gloria asked her husband if he now understood what was going on and whether he would be ready and willing to start his treatment. Ben again replied with a calm and composed voice that he had no idea what she was talking about. This time she thought that she “got” him and that he could not deny “reality” anymore and had to face the (bitter) truth as she showed him her meticulous notes. He looked at them, smiled at her, and told her that she must have misunderstood what the doctors really were saying. She must have misinterpreted their diagnosis. He was so composed and so relaxed that Gloria started to think that she was losing her mind. Seemingly she was the only one who was stressed out and frightened and the only one who actually cared and faced reality and the facts as they presented themselves. The one thing that drove her most nuts was the fact that she could not talk about this with her husband, as apparently he had gone into complete denial.

One evening when Gloria got home, she found some thirty messages on their voicemail. Totally caught by surprise why so many messages were on their voicemail she started to listen to them one by one. Each one said basically the same: they were so happy to hear that it all was a classic case of misdiagnosis and that they were relieved to hear that Ben was well and healthy after all. What happened was that Ben had left all their worried friends a voicemail claiming that the doctors realized that he did not have cancer after all but only a minor problem which could be fixed in a short period of time.

When Gloria realized what Ben had done, she thought she had lost him and that he had gone completely insane. The next day, when she drove to the hospital with Ben, she brought a tape recorder along and recorded every word that was said during their consultation with the doctors. All the grim details of his reality were caught on tape. This time she was sure that Ben would have to wake up and accept his situation and face the brutal truth of his reality. When she played the conversation back to him, all he said was that they must be mistaken and that he did not want to have anything to do with the whole situation. And by the way, she should stop being so paranoid and wake up and face reality that all is good as he does not have cancer. Period! Gloria loved her husband and would have done anything to help him get healed again, but now she had reached her wit’s end and did not know what else to do. Time was running out, weeks had gone by since the original diagnosis and if Ben did not start right away with his therapy, the slim chances of survival he had would vanish.

The next day Gloria woke up with an epiphany. She begged with her husband to simply try chemotherapy so that the doctors would not lose their face. After all they had put their name on the line here and all they needed was to be given a chance to try things out. Since Ben was healthy anyway, no harm would be done by simply trying things for a while – if not for anything else, then to simply being able to prove them wrong. To her utter amazement he said ‘yes’. The way she had twisted the story made total sense to him and his reality and he willingly drove to the hospital with her and started his treatment right away.

During these rather unusual weeks and moths Ben continued to work as a researcher full time. He never missed a day of work, quite the contrary, he threw himself into his work and worked long hours every day. At that time Ben was working as a highly esteemed researcher in the field of mathematics and statistics.

A few months after his treatment had begun the doctors proclaimed a miraculous healing of a man who was not given even six months to live.

Ben continued as a researcher for many more years and only recently retired to a life filled with classical music and riding his motorbike.

This incredible story is meant to show us that reality is not an objective matter, but only a subjective one. Whose reality was more real – Gloria’s or Ben’s? Do we “have to” face reality and “wake up” only because the majority of people proclaim that their reality is the real one?!

I know that our mind is the biggest BEAST there is – an untapped GIANT – everything starts and ends with our mind. My work focuses on expanding our minds and helping people lead lives way beyond their wildest dreams – because I know it can be done.

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