Lunar cleansing

It is statistically proven that there are more violent crimes during full moon periods, but also more births, more complications during surgeries, as well as interruptions of our otherwise perfect sleep patterns. On the other hand, the days surrounding the new moon are considered to be the easiest days of the months for the police force and the medical profession alike.
This article will only focus on seizing the power of the moon for cleansing and detoxing purposes. In the weeks and months to come I will expand on this topic, covering all aspects of lunar healing – just be patient ;)

Ancient Knowledge
Nothing that I am writing here is new. It is age-old knowledge which has withstood the test of time for thousands of years and deemed an ancient truth – the influence of the lunar rhythms on our own bioindividual rhythms and the art of seizing its power at the right time.

Physical Forces
The gravitational force of the moon impacts everything and everyone on this planet: humans, animals, plants, and seas, all the way into the deepest core of the soul of Mother Earth.
In the course of its roughly 28-day orbit around the earth, the moon will go through these four distinct phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Although of course the two main segments are the waxing and the waning moon, it is highly beneficial to know the moon’s special forces during the few hours of the full and the new moon as well.

  1. Waning moon: during the approximately 14 days in which the moon travels from its fullest to its smallest it helps us to detoxify and to consolidate. Any activity that supports you with detoxifying your body will be doubly effective, and may it only be if you drink a detoxifying tea.
  2. New moon: on the day of a new moon, the detoxification capacity of our body is at its highest as it gets the support of an “empty” moon that has just finished its 14 day long purging journey. Thus this would be the ideal time to start anything that you would like to “get rid of”, such as quitting smoking, or biting your fingernails or simply detoxifying your body. Withdrawal symptoms don’t appear as strong, helping us purge from our bad habits easier.
  3. Waxing moon: during these 14 days the moon gets bigger and stronger by the day. The closer you get to full moon, the more effective its power will get in helping you to build up energy, to absorb and to store nutrition, as well as to fortify your body in general.
  4. Full moon: precisely because our body absorbs all kinds of substances so well on this day – from medication and nutrition to all the toxins that we have in our foods – it is the ideal day to fast and detox for 24 hours giving our bodies a break from its routine

In summary: detoxify when moon is waning and fortify when it is waxing.

How to go about your cleanse:

  1. The night before full or new moon, only eat a light supper – such as a soup or cooked veggies with rice. When going to bed visualize all toxins leaving your body (through sweating, going to the bathrooms, or breathing them out of your system) so that you can reclaim your healthy and strengthened body again.
  2. Do only drink tap water during the day. If you have troubles refraining from food, then add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and some honey to your water. You can drink these as often as you feel like it during the day. If you still feel woozy, lightheaded or might even get a headache, then eat a banana and a handful of raw almonds.
  3. Upon going to bed, visualize your body being healthy, strong and free of toxins.
  4. Have a light breakfast upon waking up (such as fruits). Resume your normal eating habits with your lunch.

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  1. 1 Caity

    Thanks a lot for all those tips and info! I’ve wanted to try this for a while and certainly will now :)
    Hope to read more from you very soon!

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