There Is No Such Thing As “Impossible!” – You Want It, You Get It – The “Money” Exercise!

As already indicated in last week's blog entry, I am 110% convinced that no matter how dire or helpless the situation or seemingly grand and 'impossible' a wish, through the power of our mind and the miraculous force of creation and visualization teamed up with an unshakable belief that our vision will become reality, we are able to create the most amazing life for ourselves and others.

Just a few years ago I lost a lot – my dad, my girlfriend and financially I lost literally everything. My situation looked dire and I admittedly started to doubt in my own magical powers. But I continued to do my routine exercises and brushed off every attack of doubt that crept up in my mind and continued to focus on what it is that I truly wanted – complete financial independence so that I only had to work because I wanted to work, a flexible work schedule so that I could have a lot of quality 'me' time to do sports or yoga or travel or simply do absolutely nothing at all.

Well, within a couple of years my life has totally changed – I am now looking at an annual income that will provide me with my financial independence within the next few years – my income is growing at an exponential rate without me really feeling that I am working as what I do really gives me pleasure. I am leading an almost completely flexible life style so that I can indulge in 'me' time and do nothing at all or travel to a foreign destination just as I had envisioned it a few years back.

Having gone through a complete financial collapse has allowed me to experience first hand that really the only difference between utter success and complete failure is how I think about and perceive life – our thoughts and belief systems pre-generate our experiences. In my search on how to overcome how I felt about money, I came across the following exercise which I consciously practiced for a very long time. At that time I had to count practically every penny that I owned and so $20 or $50 were a lot of money to me. As I hated how it felt not being able to afford anything anymore I focused my energies on how to make myself feel that I indeed could afford most, if not all, things that I desired. I started to put a $20 bill in my wallet and walked through the streets with open eyes and an open mind, making sure to tell myself that whatever item that I came across that cost up to $20 I could indeed afford. So by the end of the day I had literally hundreds of things on my list that I theoretically could have bought I chosen to do so. After a while I put a $50 bill in my wallet and started to do the same exercise only increasing the price tag to fifty dollars. I was really amazed how much more I could have bought had could afford. And finally I put a $100 bill in my wallet and roamed the streets and the web in search of things that I could afford.

What a powerful exercise that was. I did this for several weeks and even though I could not see an immediate result I knew that eventually my mind would create me the reality that I wanted. Lo and behold, a year after I did the exercise I started to make good money again and now I sometimes earn several thousands of dollars per day!!! How crazy (cool!) is that?! I am not wearing a suit, I do not have to show up in an office at 7:00 in the morning and I do not hate my job – quite the contrary I love what I am doing: coaching people in lifestyle and mental attitude, guiding people through Europe, as well as help running a business, leading it to it's IPO in a few years from now. It is simply jaw dropping how things have turned out for me in such a short period of time – sometimes I cannot believe my own 'luck'. (Even though I know that I created this 'luck' myself through the power of my mind).

Today my tip to you is pretty simple: put a bill in your wallet and start focusing on what it is that you can afford as opposed to what you cannot afford and before you know it things will also start changing for you. Good 'luck' ;)

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