SexySpirits – tuning into your partner’s aura – the sexual/sensual way!

Some 80% of folks/couples that I work with have sexuality issues. Hands down. Either they have a hard time embracing their own sexuality or are too timid to explore their desires with their partner. Either way, they feel unhappy, tense, unheard and unappreciated. The stress sometimes is so high that it manifests itself as a physical dis-ease: migraines, back problems, nervous twitches, fibrosis; the list can be continued forever.

Even though it requires courage, sometimes even a lot of it, the fastest way to overcome sexual stuckness is to attack it head-on. A couples retreat where you focus on each other’s physicality and sexuality has the potential to heal even the most desperate relationship. A few months ago I introduced OneTaste to you.

Today I would like to introduce another wonderful site to you: SexySpirits. The website is run by Steven Otero, someone who has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things sexual. Sign up for their free newsletter. It is filled with workshops, retreats, information about how to improve your relationship, sexuality, and much more. You can learn how to give (and then also receive) Tantric Massages or learn Erotic Touch through video online courses.

I am a huge believer that we are on this planet to live the most fulfilled, most expressed, and most proactively created life we possible can live. Take the first step in the direction of healing and fulfillment and the rest will unfold. Have faith.

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