When the Time is Ready, the Time is Ready!

Last night I had dinner with my friend Peter. Since we had not seen one another in a few months, we quite naturally talked about what was going on in our life. What he shared with me was so fascinating that I simply have to share this with you.

He has been unhappy in his current job for a while, possibly for some two years already. Even though he is very good in his job and highly successful, he realized that there was no upward movement for him possible anymore. He could increase his salary but not his position, at least not in a dramatic way. So a year ago he decided to go back to school and get a degree in business administration, but this is only a side story. He started to think about what it is that he would like to work as, the position, the money, his work environment, etc.

As he was busy with working a more than full time job as well as going to school at nights, he hadn't had the time yet to think about applying for new jobs. Nonetheless he landed his absolute dream job. Now you might ask yourself how this could be possible? Well, he received a phone call from his former boss. a part-owner and member of the board of a large competitor of the company that he currently is working for. At a first glance this does not sound too impressive. Unless of course you knew that Pete had left his former employer almost 10 years ago. And when he worked there he was a rookie in the industry and he only had worked at the company for a little more than a year when he left for the company he currently works for. Peter can claim that he left a big mark in his year with the company as he created a brand new and highly profitable income stream for his former boss before leaving. The reason why he left was for a pretty mundane, he did not get along with his new direct superior. So he left. He had no contact with the part-owner of the company until two years ago, when he contacted him to have a casual chat and of course to also find out whether there was a job for him in the company. Even though the conversation did not lead to a new job, he at least had a great chat reconnecting with his former boss. Two more years go by without any further communication between these two men until Pete receives a call out of the blue with an offer that swept him off his feet: an offer to become a partner in the company. Not right away of course, but gradually he can acquire equity in the company with the option to become an equal partner in the business. Furthermore, after one year of 'apprenticeship' he would become the general manager in the company – a multi-national publishing house – as well as, ultimately, editor-in-chief. Even though Pete feels stressed out and has no clue how he possible can tackle this new challenge in his life, he feels ready to jump into the cold water. One of the amazing parts of this story is that this job basically is the manifestation of his boldest dreams and wished. He literally had been visualizing the coolest job he could possibly think of: part ownership in a large company, complete independent work environment, managing of a large group of people, editor-in-chief. He of course never thought that his former boss would call him with exactly this job/partnership offer but since the current general manager and his entire immediate team were fired on the spot for embezzling money the owners were in a rather precarious situation. After weighing all options they came to a conclusion that a new broom would be the option for the mid to long term future of the company. Even though it meant that short term the company might have to deal with problems due to a 'not so experienced' management team they decided to take their changes with Peter.

May this story encourage you to dream big and believe in yourself. Know that when the time is ready the opportunity will present itself without much effort. Good luck!!

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